Problem with Ford F150 front rotor...

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by The Drift God, Nov 15, 2004.

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    From another forum and another member.

    I was driving home from my girls last night, when all of a sudden a heard a loud pop come from the front of my truck. I got out thinking that I popped my tire or something, though I was guessing not. I checked the tires...nothing. I was only about 2 minutes from my house, so I just decided to drive it home instead of sitting on the side of the rd at 2am. Anyway I left the car in the garage for the night and decided to check it in the morning. Well I just went out to check it and I couldn't believe what i found. My stock front passenger side rotor sheered off and was just hanging loosly around the hub. I really can't believe that a truck with 30,000 mi on it could possibly have something like this happen. This is suppose to be the top of the line F-150. (harley davidson) LOL what a joke. Sorry for ranting I'm just pissed. I called ford and filed a complaint, my truck is still under warrenty btw. They said "well sir, rotors are not usually covered in the warrenty" I nearly lost it. Its about to get picked up and taken to the dealership now. I'd like to see them try and charge me. Blahh blahh sorry....ranting. onto the pics.
  2. Bad rotor + Too fast + Brake system problem = This?
  3. Bad rotor...after 30,000 miles!?

    Too a truck!?

    Brake system Problem...rear rotor of a civic thin brake!?
  4. Bad rotor = Error in mfg.

    Too fast = trucks can scoot too.

    Brake system problem = brakes grabbed too hard.
  5. it was probably faulty from the factory. shit happens.

    yes, considering it has the blown lightning drivetrain.

    it's hard to stop a 5,000 lb truck.
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    have you heated them up ALOT before? And was the rotor warped? (vibrating when brake applied)?
  7. Hmm, things happen. High stress metals parts can have microscopic flaws in them that can't or don't get detected and then after a certain period of time the flaw enlarges compromising the part and then when a force (braking in this case or centrifugal force from the rotation of the rotor) the part breaks at the flawed area. It happens, it's rare and not supposed to happen, but it does.
  8. one person out of how many F150s? thats like what percent of it happening to you? less than a tenth of one percent?
  9. Not me. And a brake engineer commented on how thin the brakes are. Specificly where it broke. Compared to a rear brake on a Civic.

    It wasnt toeing anything as well. I would hate to be towing something valuable (wich it usualy is) and have an entire front brake go out.
  10. DIE!! assholes!!! you should all burn in the burning pits of hell....#$%#ERS!!!
  11. Would having a front brake go out affect your ability to control the vehicle? Besides increasing stopping distances and causing it to pull a little I don't think the truck would suddenly become uncontrollable. you didn't notice anything after it seperated and before you got to yopur house and I'm sure you had to use the brakes to a certain degree between when it seperated and when you parked it.
  12. Around 1,700,000 F-150s each year.
  13. why did people not read the first sentence, he said it happened to another guy on a diffrent forum
  14. 1,700,000?
  15. a million per annum? Hard to believe...
  16. Sorry, let me break it down, Ford expects to sell 940,000 F-Series in 2004. Of those 940,000 trucks 360,000 of them will be Super Dutys. Of those 360,000 Super Dutys around 66% are F-250/F-350 with the remaining F-450/F-550 commercial trucks.

    The 1.7 - 1.9 million figures are the full size truck sales + the SUVs that are built on truck platforms.

    To put it in perspective for you.

    In September 2004 Nissan North America's combined product sales including Infiniti were 80,350 vehicles.

    In September 2004 Ford's F-Series sales were 99,720 vehicles.
  17. Yes, I'm very aware of how many F-series are sold in a year. And a huge , huge amount off full size truck sales are fleet. I'd dare say that it's nearly 50/50 personal/company sales.
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    Now I know Nissan fanboys like you and The Drift God aren’t talking about Ford full size trucks having a rotor problem given the lemons Nissan is turning out in the form of the Titan.

    Titan’s (and anything based on that platform) eat rotors every 5,000 – 7,000 miles.
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    Because I totally brought up that the F-150 has a problem.

    You are a fanboy for any product concept you like.

    PS2/Mustangs/Ford/Guns/Ultra-religious Conservative politics.
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    I hope you know the only one bringing up fanbobism is you in this thread.

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