problems with toyota...

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  1. It's just a phase, every car company goes through them, it will pass.
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    okay i should of said ONE of the first japanese sports cars. also your thinking that i dont know of yamaha's contribution to the car was more than half of it? that just makes you quite the smart one...

    hyperactive yes angry even more.. you try telling a #$%#ing moronic ricer twit and domestic ricer twits about the cars that they think they know about IT AINT EASY!!!!!

    "Your knowledge of Japanese sports car history is utterly appalling. But that should be of little surprise to anyone."

    Kinda like your "knowledge" of supras not being able to get into the 9s and those that do are not street legal, stripped to the bone race cars.. and that is never a suprise to anyone.

    also strange as how you mentioned those cars by datsun and all, yet wasnt the 2000GT a predecessor to the 240Z WHICH btw was the more popular sports car of the day YET the 2000GT set the stage for it? hmmmm
  3. I have 2 questions.

    Why spend hundreds of millions on F1 and JGTC racing when you do not have any cars that the racing audience / fans want? What use is it to develop these technologies and not have any applicable use?

    And my second is a repeat. Why are they so scared of making a sportscars when they make all those gas-guzzling SUVs.
  4. toyota said it wont produce another supra equvalient until they start winning some races at f1, and jgtc is a place for them to test thier parts

    toyota is gonna unveil a exotic car styling at the N.A.I.A.S. called the LF-A for a future lexus car
  5. for the second question is that is what more people wanted during the time the supra was still being sold, because they had more room than cars like the supra did.

    the first question is a VERY good one one ive been asking for a while now yet havent gotten any good ones yet.
  6. give the company some time, they are planing to bring back the supra when they have More MAJOR racing victories such as f1. The main reason why they won't bring back thier sports cars is because they are afraid of it not selling so they are going to make sure, the time is right to bring it back in the market,

    i mean why change anything for now when they are succesful in the other areas of selling cars., after all there are way more PRACTICAL buyers out there then there are car freaks like us.

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