Production Porsche 918 Spyder Images Leak Out

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    Production Porsche 918 Spyder Images Leak Out Of Chinese Patent Office

    A few images of what looks to be the production Porsche 918 Spyder are here to say hello, courtesy of a patent office in China. If these provide an accurate look at what the hybrid supercar will look like, there are a few differences between it and the latest examples of the pre-production prototypes our spy shooters have seen.

    The jerry-rigged turn signals inside the headlight enclosures and on the front fenders on the prototype are replaced with more polished units inside the headlamps located underneath the main beams. Behind that, the door handles have been swapped from horizontal latches on the door to vertical openings located just behind the door shutline.

    We've also seen a Martini-liveried version of the 918 Spyder that has extra carbon elements that don't appear on this car. It was at the Nürburgring with carbon lips on the front fenders and another carbon element that hung from the rear fenders and ran down to the rear diffuser. When we saw the car on our Deep Dive piece, the front lips were gone but that rear piece remained, and we can't tell from the brochure and options sheet that we've seen so far what it comes with. The wheels from the concept and the green brake calipers, minus the polycarbonate covers, should be the standard fitment while the ten-spoke magnesium wheels will be a 29,750-euro (about CAD$39,000) option.
  2. Looks nice but damn its too expensive
  3. i need to see what they did with the exhausts. I think that's a deal breaker for me.
  4. Whaddya mean? They're still on top. I don't like how the head lights look compared to the prototype. They're not as 917k'esqe.
  5. lol china

    Porsches whoring itself at full force
  6. That front view is really boring. If you're paying that much money for a car, it needs to drop jaws from every angle, like the new mclaren.
  7. Front view = Ferrari 360
  8. It struggles to look like a $100k car here. I'm not impressed.
  9. will look a million times better when it isn't a render.
  10. dunno
    renders usually make cars look like less like a kit car
  11. Boooooooring
  12. Sports cars are usually about stance and size and shit. None of those things are evident in those pics
  13. side profile is disgusting
    proportions are completely fUcked up
  14. also this
  15. the current 911 has more photo presence
    i hope alarm bells are ringing
  16. Profile has some 911 strassenversion in it, I like that
  17. Hawt shit
  18. lol if i was porsche now id really be worried

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