Production starts....finally!

Discussion in '2001 Lotec Sirius' started by BugattiEB110SS, Nov 9, 2004.

  1. I was reading in an issue of Evo Magazine that Lotec has decided to finally go forward with production of the Lotec Sirius, albeit with more modern technology. Originally Lotec cited financial difficulties as reasoning for not building the Sirius earlier. The production version will remain close to the concept you see here except it will be powered by the more modern V12 found in the SL and CL65 AMG. After Lotec is finished with it, it will produce in the realm of 850-900hp with a corresponding torque curve. Lotec predicts it will only be able to make about 5 cars a year depending upon demand.
  2. Serious? That'd be awesome!
  3. i will buy one when i grow up!!!
  4. Missed bad pun = fail.

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