Professional sports are rigged

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  1. yeah it happened in 2002 also with english and spanish teams
  2. Shut the hell up paul you pillock
  3. why are you an england fan
    are you screaming at me like that avatar guy
  4. not at all, it only makes me prouder on their efforts, actually as it stands my team has only lost 3 official matches this year - and is on the Europa League semi-finals.

    Remember that year when UEFA custom made the rules so that Liverpool could defend their title ? England had 5 teams on the competition, shall I continue to elaborate ?
  5. Yeah ok the liverpool thing was a joke, but dont tar all english teams with the same brush
  6. Please elaborate
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  8. lol dont tar me with that brush bro
  9. Group Stage rules for one, the rules were custom made so that teams of the same country wouldn't face each other, and that the profits are split in an unfair way (for instance when FC Porto won the CL in 2004 they made less money than many teams that were kicked off in the 1/8).
    Back in the 80's early 90's you had great teams from east, you had great teams from Holland, and now ?
    Always the same 8/9 contenders, seldomly do you have real outsiders.

    Also notice that since the competition changed in 1992 there have only taken place 3 finals where there were neither English, Spanish or a German team. Coincidence ?

    What about the travesty of having a team that hasn't win their home championiship in ages lifting up the CL cup ?
  10. you guys troll all you want, i'm finding rockaforte's posts pretty interesting.

    tar on, my friend.
  12. Ya I was at first because het gets all worked up but he's right the fifa is crooked as hell
  13. I wont believe it till MPG and some n00b argue about it for 13 more pages ...
  14. FIFA? moar like MAFIFA? AMIRITE?
  15. where Im not a soccer buff by any stretch, don't england, spain, and germany tend to have the best teams?
  16. Teams that are popular and/or consistently win and/or are the home team tend to get better calls.

    Smaller market teams really need home field during playoff situations.
  17. yes because they get more money, which gets them better players, which improves their odds of a sucessful campaign... which will get them more money...
    As far as German teams go however, no. They might have some great individual players but hardly any consistently good teams
  18. Sounds like its more an issue with salary caps than rigging. Sounds like the teams which can afford good players get good players, and good players win. Its not their fault for being successful.
  19. USRITE
  20. Its impossi le to have salary caps in fifa. Too broad and different, just can't cap a team like ac Milan to the same standard as the top vietnamese team
  21. i thought it was a foregone conclusion that that shit was super biased and rigged
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    yes and they generate higher ratings and more money cos they are BETTER than your shitty teams
  23. Well ya but rocka knows the details, the in and outs you might say
  24. he should
    hes also the slimiest of all europeans
  25. The penultimate achievement of his lifetime as a dedicated sportsfan peaked just now, when you poasted that. He might win a few bucks here or there on sports gambling, but the real prize in his life is you legitimizing his sports fanaticism by calling it interesting.

    Good karma for you.

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