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  1. For 2003, 10 years after SVT's first Cobra. SVT wanted to celebrate by giving the 2001 Cobra a blower. This isnt the best engineering SVT has to show. This is a short preveiw of the up coming events. The reason they called it Terminator, was becuase they wanted to exterminate the Camaro SS and the Trans AM WS6. This Cobra destroyed both GM cars on the strip. SVT could build a 4.6L Cobra engine with 400hp n/a, but that would cost alot. Its cheaper to supercharge it and smoke Camaors. Also SVT wanted to scare the ZO6, the new Cobra isnt faster, but in order for a Z06 driver to beat it, he will have to shift like hes on the drag strip. The Cobra is 0.2 seconds slower than the Z06, can you even count that much time? Now if some 50 yr. old ZO6 owner cant shift fast enough, the 30 yr. old in the Cobra is going to pass him up. We all know that the new Cobra is faster than the SS, Ws6, and C5. We know the 2002 Z06 is slightly faster than the 03 Cobra, but the 2001 ZO6 (with 385hp) is equal to this Cobra. Corvette Z06 owners must give their Vette full throttle to beat this Cobra. SVT will come out with more faster cars in the near future, and GM wont be on top anymore.

    And its only rated at "390hp", its really 400+hp.
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    "Now if some 50 yr. old ZO6 owner cant shift fast enough, the 30 yr. old in the Cobra is going to pass him up"

    Funny stuff. And I can beat Schumacher when he's sleeping. Try apples to apples.
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    Most likely you won't find Corvette owners at the strip... unless its some lucky son that got to borrow it for the night. All I see at the strip here is pimped out chevy trucks, mitsubishis and hondas
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    Then you have a shitty strip, cause tons of corvette owners go to the drag strip.
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    Your probably right, I live in Alaska. Plenty of nice cars unveil themselves from those cob webbed, dusty garages in the summer though.
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    Just remember the word /S.U.P.E.R.C.H.A.R.G.E.R\.............lame
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    Just remember the word
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    am i wrong or was the 03 cobra a transision veicle between the f bodies and the Z06
    btw if i am right that would explain the planed transition in the cobra from the fox platform to a chassy clossly related to the lincoln LS [they are planing fox continuation in the base model and gt] i bet when they go after the Z06 it would have an engine like in the FR500 or a slightly tweeked triton

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