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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by TrueSportsCarMechanic, Mar 16, 2020.

  1. I'm still working, just spending more time indoors on my days off. I took up embroidery right at the end of February/beginning of March so that worked out well. I like it I find it very relaxing
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  2. (L)
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  3. What are you doing these days? I take it you're not in VFX any more?
  4. Today I stayed home and baked scones because I'm responsibly quarantining.

    But for a crust, yeh I'm back in VFX now, but I took a break for a little over 3 years in childrens animation and also advertising (never go into advertising, it's full of twats). I'm glad to be back. The shit we achieved before lockdown came into place really made me professionally swoon.

    Now tell me more about your projects and things keeping you at home.
  5. Why did you leave children's animation?
  6. I have no projects other than keeping myself alive and relatively sane. I guess the only thing I'll be paying any attention to over the coming months is doing work to my motorcycle. I'm boring as ****.

    I don't really feel locked down, either. I'm still going to work as my job is considered to be essential, and I don't have much of a social life anyway so I'm not really feeling any restrictions. I'm sure as the weeks pass I'll start going crazy but right now I'm just chilling.
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  7. Working on this to give to my girlfriend, almost finished
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  8. That's really nice.
  9. Looks as good as my grandmother's.

    Now do a one and send it to Verymon.
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  10. My project has been working. I work for a medical supply company so we are considered essential. Currently, I'm on a project that will allow us to integrate with other providers in the event our warehouse shuts down.
    This is in addition to the projects we were also already working on to integrate a new ERP, and a new tax calculation system.
    The good news is that I save $10 a day on gas.
    And, I get to spend more time with this guy:
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  11. High praise
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  12. Largely business - the company had a massive lull in work and I didn't believe they could guarantee me longevity. Hindsight it was one hell of a move!
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  13. Hah, my ket has been absolutely loving having humans art home all day every day too.
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  14. Progress photo of new rear wheel bearings and first time since new 16 years ago that the sprocket carrier is that clean. :)

  15. I'm still working, mon-friday and getting the truck built up for camping later this summer.

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