Proper Audi A5 pics....

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  1. looks pretty damm good. The only thing im not so sure about is the single wavy line down the side.
  2. f-ing sex man
  3. Audi, i'm sorry, but i'm bored.
  4. i have to agree with this. very boring...

  5. it's beautiful, but I was hoping something different in the front. that headlights just don't convince me... I was expecting something more "Nuvolarish"
    It will grow on me, I think
    can't wait to see interior pics

    but why did media pics came out so early?
  6. After seeing the new Maserati today, its hard to be impressed by this. The back end is nice though.
  7. Have always thought Audi makes very good looking coupes, and this is no exception. But I prefer the look of the 335i over this (and most likely the new G35C over both).
  8. Is this a 3 Series Coupe competitor?
  9. the rear is exactly 335Ci.
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    Yes, even though it may approach the A6 in terms of size.

    "The A5 will be the first vehicle built on the all-new B8 platform, the same one upon which the next generation A4 sedan will also be built.
    Last but not least the A5 represents Audi's most serious challenge to the recent sales dominance of rival BMW's 3-series coupes. It is no secret that Audi has its targets locked on Munich and the good news is that Audi finally is getting the product to offer a real challenge.
    Audi has confirmed that a second world premier will happen alongside the A5 debut in Geneva. Word is that BMW will show an M3 concept there, so without twisting logic too much it would follow that Audi will counter with the S-version of the A5 - the S5 - which would once again finally be giving Audi a true "super coupe" competitor to BMW's higly popular M3."
  11. interiors looks really stunning
  12. I'm not ditching that frontal look, looks a bit 'dumb' like on recent Audi's. Also, the backside, especially the taillights reminded me instantly of the BMW 3-series coupé, but overall it seems ok tough.
  13. Elegant enough but it was always going to be. Totally uninspired, it does nothing for me.
  14. It looks exactly like I expected, pretty boring
  15. Holy christ, I love it!
  16. Boring AND an ugly front end? I thought it'd be at least kind of attractive. The rear is handsome. The side is pretty meh, while the front is plain ugly.
  17. after that stunning Maser, this is just uninspired.
  18. photoshop
  19. I think it will look better in dark black...
    could you do it?
  20. something like this...
  21. great... thanks <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  22. nice, blue please!
  23. It needs different lights (rear and front).

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