PS3 vs PS2

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Gran Turismo Freak, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. The new playstation 3 is it better or worst than the playstation 2. I think the Playstation 2 is the best what about you lot?
  2. You think the playstation 2 is better than a consol that is years newer but you havn't seen or played it? Awsome.
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  3. Why would the PS3 not be as good as the PS2? And why are you making assumptions already?
  4. He saw a vision in which the world had been destroyed by rioting PS2 fans who were discontent with their new consol obviously.
  5. Because I have not been on this for a while.
  6. And the PS3 will be seen exclusivly on
  7. Why would the PS3 be worse than the PS2 ?

    (We really need some sort of test before people are allowed to become members on here ...)
  8. w....t.....F!!
  9. This is the PS3 he's thinking off.

    Also PS3 will be sown at E3 2005 and go sale latter that year.
  10. Your a true noob.
  11. jeezus this is a completely stupid thread
  12. You dumb shit.
  13. The PS3 won't be as cool as the PS2 until it becomes the same price.
  14. Cant wait till the dipshit PS fanboys start buying PS3 boxes on ebay for $300 and line up outside stores for weeks to waste $400 on a over-rated console.
  15. Well since the specs or game previews haven't even been released yet the only people who are going to claim it's over rated are XBox fanboys ...
  16. How could you compare the PS2 with the PS3 when we dont know much yet about the PS3? And besides, there's no reason that the PS3 would be worse than the PS2 except for the price. -1.
  17. this is by far one of the dumber comparisons ive ever seen. I wont bother to say why as everyone else has already!
  18. uhhh ok, the ps3 will prolly be backwards compatible, wont that make it at least as good as the ps2? you dont make any sense
  19. I only wanted your opinions even though it hasn't got a f***ing price.
  20. wow, it came to you in a vision, all the PS2 fans rioting, that's just like a riot of Atari lovers outside EB. The riot lasts until 6.30pm when they all have to go home.


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