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Discussion in '2001 Chrysler PT Convertible Concept' started by andyliao, Oct 8, 2002.

  1. umm, ok i'm not a fan of pt cruiser or any other yank cars (except S7)...and this does look pretty gay to me...

    but on any search engine for "pt bruiser" in 1.2s??!?!?!

    check it out if ur a pt cruiser fan....i guess, or if you're into drag stuff
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    I dont think theres too many fans of this car. Except for a few fools.
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  4. Re: pt bruiser

    no one doubts that.
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    I don' believe it im gonna check it out i doubt it can cause this car suck shiot more than anything else in the entire universe.
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    So what if it did it used a whole shitload of nitro in the back.
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    you read my mind.
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    This car Kicks @$$!!!
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    it not a nice car, and why do you like it!!!
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    Its unique and different.
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    Yeah I dont get it. Why do people hate this car? It doesnt have to be fast to be nice. Its like an old hotrod, give it a break people.

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