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  1. a car that's supposed to rival the McLeran F1? yeah, and I'm the pope!
    Come on, you can't rival a 245 MPH super car with a five speed auto and a front mounted engine! and it only has 550 horsepower, and is way too heavy! as for the looks, well, I'm indifferent. perhaps it's me, but I don't think it's the best looking car ever. I'll leave that prize to the Porsche 911 Turbo.
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    DOH! Just because the car has a front mounted engine, doesn't mean it can't reach high speeds! But yes, u have a point, this car is nowhere close to the mclaren in performance.
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    My tuned... Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VII has the same horsepower and its 1997cc for displacement and it does 212 Mp/h, 6 Mp/h faster then this poot-poot car
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    what about cornering?

    why do so many people just go. "yeah well my car can go faster and its a blah blah blah".

    yeah fine, untill you hit a corner.
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    cool dream racer, can i see a picture, i was at qualcomm stadium on friday night racing my NSX and an evo7 pulled up and just torted me... damn mitsubishis
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    yeah but... its still just a mitsubishi. a mercedes has more class, better handling, and a WHOLE lot more comfort and style.
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    dreameracer2004, nobody believes u so just shut up

    there is no chance in hell of a 550hp E7 doing 212mph, you on drugs?

    ive read about 700hp E7 dragsters that wont even do that, and dont even bother bringing up 'gearing'....u cant gear a car UP, u can only gear it DOWN

    if u even have an E7 at all, which i doubt u have, with 550hp, it will probably do 190-195 if you're very lucky
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    Since when does a Mclaren F1 go 245 MPH?
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    Yeah...only you dont have one
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    the record in the guiness book of world records is something above 240 Miles per Hour in a Mclaren F1. the only modifications were racing tires and a speed recording machine (other than the Speed-o). I don't know if it's 245 MPH, or 243, but it's still the fastest production road car ever built thus far.

    put that in your pipe and smoke it!

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    won't be fastes production car for long. The new Bugatti will be faster top end and will be a production car.
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    the production speed record is officially 386.7km/h over the flying kilometre, thats 240.28mph

    the cars peak speed on the track was 391km/h, which is 242.96mph, but this doesnt count because it was a peak, just like with the land speed record, its always 2-way averages that are used

    so the F1 will do 243 but the record is 240

    and racing tyres were NOT used, that would void the 'production car' status, the car has to be 100% stock, mechanically
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    Chill B, this car is awsome. But ur right the 996 911 turbo is better loking at least.
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    yes, I know that. noticed when I said " fastest prduction car THUS FAR"?

    I can't wait for the bugatti. it looks better than anything.

    OK, 240 MPH. whatever. do you honestly think this vision SLR can go that fast?
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    You really can't do math can you? It says this car goes 198. "Yours" supposedly goes "212." Correct me if I'm wrong, but that is 14mph faster isn't it?

    I mean, supposing you aren't a lying moron.

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