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Discussion in '2000 Dodge Power Wagon Concept' started by DodgeFreak, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. This puppy is pure muscle. I'm not too fond of the styling, but the power is unbelievable. All I wish is that they had put it in the 2002 body style. What's everyone else's opinions?
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    power power power
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    I think the styling isn't that bad and a turbo diesel engine is never a bad thing. This is a well balanced truck.
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    Simply amazing, brute style, pure offroad thrill-ride. And 780 ft-lbs of twist! Doesn't get much better than this.
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    very powerful? dude its what, 186kw?
    makes F-350 look weak? dude its a concept, so lets compare it with the f-350 tonka concept, get my drift?

    your post holds no substance, not tryin to be an asshole but think first
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    hey NZfordfanatic, u wanna c a ford f350 tonka concpet go against the dodge power wagon concept, tha little ford wouldn't last, compare tha torque...780 against 600.. ha, i laugh at ur ford. a turbo diesal 6 cylinder vs. a powerstroke 8 cylinders, more likly tha dodge would have betta off road'n wid 35" tires vs. 22" tires (i think), and did u kno tha very same 4X4 in tha hummer is in tha jeep and dodge. u kno American motors used 2 b willys ( now and then called jeep) and hummer the truck version of willys. but jeep was bought'n by chrysler corp. ( now daimlerchrysler) and hummer was left by its self and later bought'n by GM well tha same system is in da DODGE. but ne ways i dont think tha tonka would last... sry 2 say
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    diessssssssssssssssssssssselllllllllllllllllll......... hehehe :D
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    the Horsepower looks nice ,but can you buy this truck in canada.

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