put skyline in WRC

Discussion in '2001 Peugeot 206 WRC' started by vspec 05, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. I bet that if you suited up a skyline to race in the WRC (the skyline having 4WD and great horsepower) it would leave even the Lancer behind not even speaking about a peugeot.<!-- Signature -->
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    first off... this car is better than the lanver EVO WRC, the new one sucks, thats partly why Tommi lost the championship. second... the skyline is to big, and the HP in WRC is limited to around 300. It would prolly win against the skoda and Hyundia, but i doubt it would compete w/ the others for a number of years till it was refined for rally.
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    I believe the idea of the WRC is to keep small cars competing. Have you seen a full-size car like the skyline running any rallies lately?<!-- Signature -->
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    the skyline wasnt ever ment to be put in the dirt, it weighs around 4000lbs get that shit moving in some dirt and noone will be able to control it.
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    with the 2000cc and 300bhp regs

    and the skyline been 1666 kg in weight whilst the pug 206 is just a feather at 1230 kg

    go figure....<!-- Signature -->
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    Oh man..please do not put a Skyline into WRC...

    1st of all its not built for WRC
    2nd its too heavy
    3rd car length is long which is a disadvantage.

    Lastly...does it look a like a rally car????<!-- Signature -->
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    I donŽt think that there is an 2.0 Litre 4 cylinder production version of the skyline... and it WAY too heavy for WRC... Maybe Rallycross or hillclimb
  8. you're an idiot.At 4000 plus pounds the skyline would fall apart 15 minutes into the race.

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