Quad Turbo W16?

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  1. "weight doesent have jack all to do with top speed"

    WHAT?? Weight has everything to do with top speed. Which goes faster, a Mercedes Benz G55 AMG Kompressor or a Lotus Elise? The Lotus does 0-60 in 4.9sec, compared with the G55 time of 5.5sec. The G55 tops out at 130mph, while the Lotus keeps going to 150mph. The Lotus weighs 1892lbs, while having only 189hp and 133lb-ft tq. The G55 weighs 5900lb, has 469hp and 516lb-ft tq. Weight has everything to do with top speed. Reinforcements are added for stabilizing the car at high speeds, but do you think they make them out of lead? Race cars are built to be light, aluminum engines and components, carbon fiber bodies. They dont build a race car with solid steel bodies, cast iron engine blocks and bore them to 7L, they weigh practically nothing, have 4 bangers putting out under 200hp and speed past 200mph. Think before you speak?
  2. the lotus is more aerodynamic, thats why its faster then the box

    add 300 kg to the lotus it will still do about the same speed
  3. Please do not say something like "Think before you speak?" when you obviously didn't read this thread. Those are two very different cars with different purposes. A semi truck will go faster than a moterized tricycle. There are a few more things that affect speed, like gearing and areodynamics.
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    Anybody struggling to understand the factors involved in calculating a vehicles theoretical top speed could do themselves a favour by reading chapters 2 and 4 of the first year of this course http://www.autotrain-europe.com/resources/aachen/#COURSE in fact read the lot if you want to understand actually how cars work instead of just guessing.
  5. so i just aced my physics class~!! thxs guys =D
  6. im gonna sound like a retard but what exactly is a W16 engine?
  7. you are amongst 99% of the population that has no idea...

    "W" depends on which company you ask.
    Volkswagen (or VAG for short) has an engine called the VR6. V is like any other V shaped engine (V8 etc), and the R is some german word for "in a line". Its basically a cross between a V and a inline engine...having a narrow 15 degree bank, but it shares a head and the block looks like a inline engine.

    They used the design from the VR6 to develop the W16...two distinguishable banks of 8 cylinders.
    heres the complex part...the way they re-engineered them is to create a VR4 and get 4 of those together.

    i dont think i made myself clear...but it can take a few hours explaining it to some people who think its two V8s strapped together.
  8. to "Razor" - The Bugatti Veyron did go over 250MPH. I bet it could go even faster. Do you honestly think they'd invest 5 years of development to dissapoint? NO
  9. i read in moter trend this will spin all all four tires in 3rd gear(and before any smartas$ replies, by spin i mean like burning out)
  10. lol 400les hp.the Mclaren F1 have 600 hp,Mclaren F1 LM have 700 and Mclaren F1 GTR have over 800 hp your 400 hp is a joke
  11. remarkable how people get worked up if they cant 'win' an argument...each to his own.Sometimes the easiest way to settle a dispute is to simply look at the facts...dont kill the 'messenger'. The Bugatti Veyron is an amazing vehicle.Yes, it is expensive and yes only a few 'lucky ones' will see one in their life,even fewer will drive one and only a selected few will ever be the proud owner of one. This car is for the super rich (although I have seen a initiative-myveyron.com -where some 'normal' okes are trying to raise money to buy a veyron - crazy!but,at least they are trying) anyhow, for now,I suggest everyone (even if you dont 'like' the car) accept the fact that this is an amazing feat and a 'job well done' to everyone involved in the creation of this vehicle.amen
  12. The only reason Bugatti made this car was to get 1000 H.P out of it. Any German manufacturer could have done it with a much smaller engine that what the Veyron has.
  13. you are retarded. this car was made with german engineering. VW bud. VW
  14. having 1000hp in a civil street car has never been done. Supras, Chevy's and Skylines can get the power but lack everyday reliability of a manufactured/engineered car like the Bugatti. Small engines with massive power require too much tlc for the rich to care for. This Bugatti is perfect for Sheiks, Sultans and Tom Cruise.
  15. I'll gladly help you out here.

    First, the letter. The letter stands for the layout of the engine.

    "V" means that its made in a V-shape, "W" means W-shaped, "I" means inline, and "Flat" means, well... flat. More on that later.

    The number is how many cylinders there are in the engine, in the W16's case, there are 16, while in a V8, there are 8 of them.

    Now about the configuration.

    The first picture is an "Inline 4", which means the cylinders are all in a straight line, as you can see in the picture.

    The second and third picture are from a "V8" engine, as you can see, they are seperated in the middle, so that there are 4 on each side. And they are liked by the bottom, in a "V" shape. This helps spare some room, because an Inline-8 engine would be ridiculously long.

    A flat engine, is, as it says it, flat. Most often, those are going to have six cylinders, however there are also some with 4, or even 12 I believe. Porsche in particular is known for having a liking for flat engines. I couldnt find any good picture of one (little help here? Guys?), however I think you can get pretty much what it looks like. Just imagine them all facing vertically, next to each other, in a grid-shape.

    Now for the W.

    You see, the Veyron's engine was so huge, that a simple V-shape was no longer enough to keep it to a decent size, so they had to turn it into a W shape. For the W16, just imagine two V8's put next to eachother, linked by the middle, and thats where the "W" comes from, two "V" next to each other. See picture #4, thought you cant see it very well.

    Thats pretty much as good as I can explain it, hope it helped. Any other question and I will gladly answer it.
  16. You are completely wrong
  17. DevineRage has givin a very good explanatio of th W16 engine
    but the last photo of the bugatti 16 is not the best to see the configuration. here is one of the top layout comparison.
  18. damn picture didt load
  19. This is what a flat engine looks like
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