Quebec makes the news

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  2. Slight overreaction there
  3. I vote Drano gives us some Quebecois subtitles.
  4. CG: chainsaw guy
    K : kids
    SW: stupid woman in car

    CG: so, you like that, eh? you like that?
    K : mommyyy!!!
    CG: get the #$%# out tabarnak, get the #$%# out !!
    SW : we called the police! you're going to get arrested (holy shit what an annoying voice she has). Come with your chainsaw, come!

    So the real story is, the cut that guy on the road, he cuts them back. They follow him until they get themselves in a cul-de-sac and he can't come out with his car. Then they say they will call the police and don't move, the guy is pissed comes to the car. Then goes back to get his chainsaw and that video.

    The SW has 2 kids inside the car... what a stupid #%[email protected]
  5. Take that Russia!
  6. That woman and her husband are #$%#ing retarded
  7. yes. You have 2 young kids inside... I can't believe she put them through this and did not leave.

  8. Its not a surprise. Over half the French Canadian population is mentally retarded.
    You know those toothless southerners you see on TV Wearing nothing but torn coveralls and brewing their shine. or driving 1979 Camaros rocking a mullet.
    Yeah French Canadians are our version of that.

    Edit: this is not a dig at a few of the members here. Ie: Drano and stangman. It's just an observation Of general populace
  9. Hey! I owned a 1979 Camaro Z28 and loved it, should have kept it too.<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

  10. Seriously, he gets cut off by that moron. He's with his 2 kids, he should have kept his cool and forget that moron, but no!!!!!

    He follows him right to a dead-end street, like what the #$%# were you thinking!!
  11. Unfortunately that means that you're in the half that Scrotisimus was talking about.
  12. How long was the mullet?
  13. Right dowm to my shoulders.
  14. The half driving a Camaro with a mullet, got no problem with that.
  15. I was in Montreal the other day. Kind of a shithole.
  16. hookers again?
  17. Nah don't need to bring back québécois hooker SARS to the west
  18. I meant gay hookers, for you

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