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  1. Thank you, king shit
  2. Part of why the Royal banner is such a successful marketing tool is because of how well embraced it is by the British public; unlike the other constitutional monarchies in Europe. It makes the past more alive, which is easier to sell.

    leave her alone you tossers!
  4. Eddie Murphy isn't what he once was.
  5. For real.
  6. True that dude
  7. They said they did not count the Crown Jewels or Buckingham Palace (which you may assume they implicitly extended to include all Crown Estates, whose total value is several billion sterling). However, it did mention her art collection. They did an odd calculation here, as the Royal Collection in its totality has been valued at over £10 billion. For the most part, several galleries exist for the explicit purpose of showcasing much of this collection to the public. However, the Queen has one perk in this regard: while she may not use the Collection as a financial asset in any common sense, she is allowed to personally select which pieces adorn Buckingham Palace. The majority of the Forbes valuation seems to be derived from this selection. Nevertheless, it is not a true asset.

    It is very difficult to actually assign a dollar figure to the Queen; nearly any number can be considered in some sense valid. She is not a British citizen, as British citizens are subjects of the Queen. So you may consider her total wealth to be $0, as her will is legally subject to Parliamentary approval, and so any financial action she takes can be considered not an action of hers, but an action of the British democracy as a whole (and one which Parliament may rescind). You may also consider her wealth to be $20 trillion, as she is the physical embodiment of the nations of Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand, and it would not be incorrect to assign to her the aggregate wealth of those nations. Any argument for any figure between those two extremes could well be considered valid.

    But in terms of this argument, it does not matter what her wealth is. The total cost of her discretionary spending, the maintenance of property in Royal Trust, the cost of travel, and her diplomatic/social events is less than the total direct revenue from tourists viewing items held in Royal Trust. She generates a net profit for the state, and that does not include secondary income from tourists to the UK as a whole, and the marketing advantages British companies receive from the use of 'Royal' in their product literature. It is the strongest brand that the UK has, and losing it would be very economically foolish.
  8. ^ Well said

    Also, I think maintaining a distinction between your head of state and the government is important.
    The head of state is the embodiment of the country, the government is a transient institution.

    I like the fact that the armed forces swear allegiance to the crown and not the government.
    I like the fact that our nation is not headed by a career politician who got there through financial donations to service their own ego trip.
    She was born into the role and it has become her life - rather that than president Blair or president Brown...
  9. ^ I like the omission of the hypothetical "President Cameron"
  10. The queen was pretty bonable back in the day
  11. Monarchies without any political powers are pointless.
  12. Here comes Randy.
  14. lol
  15. Gonna go check out the Jubilee shit today I guess. Pics in 3 weeks
  16. RLQism.
  17. I'd totally give her the pipe circa 1953.
  18. Veyronman needs to post that video of the queen driving around her countryside estates in a land rover defender. Arguably cooler than what you said
  19. No, it isn't. If she were tackling the Rubcon Trail in a rock-buggy, or polishing off the Baja 1000 in her Range Rover, I'd be impressed. But, an old lady driving over some grass or down a two-track on HER ESTATE isn't really that cool. Unless she's going hunting for peasants.

    Acutally, I just watched it. I'm deducting points because I could have driven down that trail in a #$%#ing Ferrari, much less a Land Rover. I'll give a point or two back because she can drive stick, though.
  20. How do you drive a stick!? This is not harry potter! LOL!!!!
  22. Whatever at least theyre doing something
  23. lol perfect alphonse response

    mayybe could have added something about being privileged and white
  24. you dont like reading things that may force you to challenge your assumptions. it looks boring, ok. if it was confirming your opinions ud be all over that shit breh
  25. Exactly

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