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Discussion in 'American Cars' started by MurcielagoMan, Aug 30, 2004.

  1. Hey all,
    I am very interested in purchasing a 05' Mustang Coupe. Black, on red and black interior hopefully...prob V6 since GT will be $$$ up here north of the border.
    I love the new Mustang obviously, but I am wondering what companies are known for body kits on a mustang. I know Cervini is coming out with the Eleanor body kit, but do you know of any other body kit companies that have kits for present day stangs, or have plans for 05 stangs???
    The thing I am most interested in, and I would buy this IMMEDIATELY is new rear lights on the 05 mustang. The lights on the Couple concept, and the GT-R concept are gorgeous and look amazing IMO and MUCH nicer than stock lights. I would also look for a GT-R concept style front bumper. It looks great. . That is mostly why I made this thread...the lights and bumper are what Im looking for. Also, I would replace the rear side windows with air vents...even if they were faux air vents, it looks so amazing like that.
    Either way, its obviously too early for pics and such now, but do you know any companies that have Stang body kits (or plans for the 05') Any ideas??

  2. ford will make the parts on the GTR available for upgrades on the regular GT, thats my educated quess.
  3. sallen and roush will make body kits.
  4. Let me get this straight, you are going to buy a v6 mustang, and then put a body kit on it?
  5. sounds like a recipe for dissapointment
  6. Save up for another year and get a GT. The V6 will be a major dissapointment.
  7. Yeah, save for a GT. And 10 modified Mustangs will be on display when SEMA takes place.
  8. Yeah, I know...I will try to get a GT if I can.
    No I don't want no riced out body kit or anything. Im mostly looking the long back lights. I hope someone offers that. Thanks for the responses guys.

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