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  2. Nobody in that thread knows what teh hell they are talking about. The intake runners are part of the intake manifold and have nothing to do wtih the plastic tube that connects the airfilter to the throttle body.
  3. "Also, with Hondas variable timing motors, they require a longer intake tube to help produce the amounts of incoming air at higher rpms. The longer and skinnier the tubing, the better high end power you get....."

    That's utter bullshit, the straighter and more direct the airflow the better.
  4. We should takeover that forum.
  5. i agree!
  6. Basic physics decrees that flow is directly related to pressure. The less pressure, the smoother flow. Bigger diameter pipe is gonna solve that, not a thin straight one buddy.
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  8. WRONG!

    The length of the intake runner is critical for pulse tuning at particular RPM range which enhances engine breathing and can make an engine go above 100% VE

  9. another 8 year old thread. the person you've responded to hasn't posted here for at least 5 years.

    there really is no point digging back in the forums and bumping ancient history.

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