question for you bible thumpers...

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  1. Nothing wrong with an arts degree.
  2. Reelect clinton? Well, there's this funny document called the constitution...
  3. About your war comment.
    I suggested your talk to the founding city fathers of Carthage because war solved their fate pretty decisively.
  4. Its not very funny. Defiantly one of its detracting points.
  5. I thought this was cleared up a few posts ago.
  6. And it doesn't say jack about non-consectutive terms.
  7. Are you kidding me? It pulsades with hilarity.
  8. Oh, really? Okay. My bad.
  9. There's a treasure map in back of it.
  10. Some if it's pretty subtle, went over my head first time reading.

    Though the reference to Hamilton's mom got a chuckle or two out of me.
  11. 1) Yeah, tons of tax money, and then spend it again when some wag gets delusions of grandeur and pulls off another, worse version of 9/11 because we didn't keep him under our thumb.

    2) Because there will alwas be people who are unsatisfied with the situation, and frankly, never will be. That is the fundamental flaw in the Liberal worldview. Someone will always be unhappy and willing to kill over it no matter what.

    3) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! He's the reason we are in this mess. Go look up inertia and come back and post again.
  12. It has already been determined that bible thumpers are beyond all logic and reasoning.
  13. Yeah, 51% of the US wants more wars , pollution, and poverty. This post election whining is very entertaining. It smells like, victory.
  14. I lied. I just looked it up.
  15. Conservatives are stupid.
  16. Score one for me?
  17. Liberals are more stupid
  18. I suppose.
  19. Eeeeexcellent.
  20. Liberals are stupider.
  21. Because
  22. funny, no one i know that voted for bush (that was also religious, which for me was maybe half) was remotely for pollution or poverty.

    maybe they just felt that voting for kerry wouldnt make things any better. which is probably true.
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    wow, number three, thats amazing... just wow, i mean, i just explained the situation with clinton economics... how did you forget so fast?

    again, how old, where do you live.
  24. Only a matter of time untill the thread-starter is banned I thinks...
  25. Seems the never ending thread is ending

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