question on ford gt engine choice...

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by f11111, Sep 26, 2004.

  1. why wouldnt they use the 427 that they've been selling to saleen? it probably wouldve been better than a lightning engine...
    not that its not a great car, just not a big fan of the supercharging on this kind of car
  2. 1) The engine in the Saleen is not built by Ford
    2) The Ford GT does not use the same engine as the Lightening, Clarkson was bullshitting you.
    3) The Ford GT seems to be just as fast, if not faster than the S7 in the straight line, despite being a lot heavier, so it's engine is probably making considerably more power than the S7 engine.
  3. the 427 is by robert yates i thought
  4. Ford doesn't actually sell the engine to Saleen. The V8 in the Saleen is made to Saleen's custom specifications. Ie, there's nothing in the Ford production lineup like it. It is based on Ford's NASCAR architecture, however. Saleen sources its own block from a foundry in LA.
  5. NO, It is a Ford block 427 but the rest of it is Saleen parts, heads, pistons, cam, etc. I swear we have gone over this 1000 times! It is just a Ford block although i guess you could say the car is slighlty influenced by Ford. I guess that is in your opinion.
  6. 2004 Saleen S7

    575 bhp
    570 lb-ft

    0-60 mph in 2.9 seconds
    0-100 mph in 6.5 seconds
    1/4 mile in 10.8 seconds at 131 mph

    2005 Ford GT

    550 bhp
    500 lb-ft

    0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds
    0-100 mph in 7.4 seconds
    1/4 mile in 11.2 seconds at 131.2 mph
  7. well seeing Yates makes Ford engines
  8. There have been no official tests of the 2004 Saleen S7, you know that, everyone knows that, you also just proved my point further with your post. A car which supposedly has less power and weighs close to 600 lbs more than the S7 is trapping higher. It's obviously making more than the the quoted output.
  9. The trap says a lot about the GTs HP
  10. Because Ford hasn't made a 427 for any production car in 3 decades

    It isn't the Lightning engine

    So if you don't like forced induction I take it you don't like the twin turbo F50....

    Stop being retard
  11. No it isn't you retard. Ford's 427 was a big block. Saleen's 427 is shorter than Ford's Windsor blocks.
  12. okay, let me change my question. ford has had experience with the 427 design in the past, and, wasnt carroll shelby on the design team for the ford gt?
    sooo, what made then decide on the 5.4L? supercharged engine instead of a n/a?
  13. Does anyone else feel that the numbers for the GT still don't add up??
  14. We all know the GT isnt making 550bhp and 500lb-ft. We all know its making more
  15. I want to see one on a dyno!
  16. According to this site: which has proven pretty accurate, "622.04 horsepower is required to achieve a 11.2 second 1/4 mile acceleration time in a 3468 pound rear wheel drive car." So the Ford GT would need 622 hp to achieve the times it did in Motor Trend.
  17. Cant wait for that to happen
  18. i posted that for your info... not really trying to prove or disprove anyone
  19. Sounds more likely.

    Interesting note, if Jay is right about the new Z06 according to your site it could be capable of 11.365 sec. 1/4 (assuming it weighed 3,000 lb.)
  20. Considering the aluminum chassis being mentioned, I figure it will weight at most 3,000 lbs, this car is going to be incredible.
  21. what I thought would've been cool was to have the GT with the 7 liter V10 they made for the original "427" concept car, or the current Cobra concept's 6.3 liter V10. But the price of the car would probably be quite a bit higher if that were the case....

    BTW, I don't know about the road car, but the S7-R's engine now are built by Elan power....
  22. Why did Ferrari decide to go with Twin Turbos and a V-8? Why'd Jaguar go with a Twin Turbo V-6? Why did Porsche use a V-12 and not a signature Flat-6?
  23. In what car does Porsche use a V-12?
  24. According to Saleen they based the motor on a Ford 351 small block, but that is where the connection between he S7 and Ford ends. Its been completely re-engineered bored and stroked to make 7.0L, rumor has it that Saleen offers a power package in which gives you 625BHP. That is about the same as what I believe the Ford GT to be making, In this case if this motor was in the Ford GT it would make the same power but it would be lighter.

    If this power package really does exist then its what got the S7 through the 1/4mile trap at 131MPH. traction is what got the S7 its 10.8 ET.
  25. Forced induction = more power, obviously.

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