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Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by f11111, Nov 17, 2004.

  1. Honda, which has canned an NSX replacement (right) in favour of a Porsche Boxster rival, still several years off.

    i thought the s2000 was a worthy rival?
  2. I guess they need something more exotic, but I would have gone for a S2000 anyway. Porsche Boxter doesn't appeal to me at all.

    Also, there's SLK 350 and possibly the M4 roadster that may come soon. Honda has a weaker brand, thus needs something better to compete.

    Just like Toyota, I don't think it's all that benefical for Honda to make a high end exotic, because of brand. I mean, for the same amount of money, will you go for a better honda or a not as good porsche or Ferrari? Then, everyone knows if he/she sees a Ferrari, but most people don't even know that Honda NSX exists. Only car nuts like us are aware of it.
  3. its all in the prestige of the name, believe me alot of people will buy the s2000 over the boxer if it were badged a acura instead.... its just a status issue..... even though they are the same honda/acura...(one company) they created the acura to be their luxury line, and knew people would pay 30-90k for a honda, but if it was labled a honda, (for people who know nothing but the names, like most regular buyers with money to spend) they would rather go with another competitor for the prestige in owning a "well known" luxury brand.
  4. Acura has no prestige when compared to Porsche.
  5. Honda's Acura isnt the same as Toyota's Lexus you know
  6. im not comparing it to porche you retard..... nor am i trying to say that acura is prestigious,.... im talking about how some buyers think... especially the acura buyers.... so stop being a #%$ and trying to bag on any post of any kind jsut because its someone possibly trying to even try to talk about "any" import in a good way.
  7. wow .... lets get one thing straight i posted in this forum to simply help a guy out understand a little more about how the market works... i am in no way a fan boy... (like you obviously).... i simply stated how "acura' buyers lay off my ass because i did'nt come in this forum to praise anything.... its obvious that retards like you look for anyone to post about something close to being a civic or any economy car so you can sound cool bagging on it....

  8. and how do you figure?
  9. people dont even consider a Luxury brand anymore
    but people generally consider Lexus a high end brand
  10. the S2000 might heve been equal to the Porsche performance wise but Honda has to have something a little better performance wise to make up for the less prestigious name, the S2000 wasn't cutting it, so they decided to create something else.
  11. ok, understand what you are implying now
  12. hmmm... i agree with supercarlova on this one....95% of the people out there care what badge is on their car....i mean, there are plenty of good cars that arent making it out there b/c of this...*cough* phaeton *cough*

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