Question on Universal Studios CA Delorean.

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  1. im going there next wednesday, and im looking forward to that and the BTTF ride. is anyone familiar with the ride and/or delorean?

    ive seen pics on, and its front facia is falling off. has that been fixed?

    as for the ride: hoew many on each car/cart or what ever they use. how close to is to the BTTF dmc interior(if it is).
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    itz nowhere near the real DeLorean bud. its are seats like a roller coaster that will seat several people. the car is on a hydralic-like stand that will tilt and jerk to whatz infront of u. what's infront of u is a big theatre screen. if u look off the side, u can see it is by the outline. i dont think they mimic the body of the car all too well either. this is, however, recallin back from a looong time ago. i went of this ride around the year 93/94. still worth a ride
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    yeah, i saw pictures of it. its not what i hoped. the delorean outside was fixed(unless theres more than one out side, which i believe is the case). i saw interior pics of the D, and it turns out its pretty ripped up. outside is ok.
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    well, the DMC wasnt there. they said it was put away for the summer. i did see the clock tower, got pics through out the backlot tour. the ride was good(better than jurassic park imo). not seeing the DMC was compisated for though. i saw the 1970 charger, NSX, Skyline(the high light of my day, never going to see one ever again being its not sold in US), Eclipse Convertible all from 2Fast2Furious, and the Bourne Identity Mini Cooper. i only had 2 pics left so i got the Skyline. i saw the NSX drive around Universal twice, always seeing the tail end. for some reason, the lancer spot was empty.

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