Questions about the Ford GT and DCs Hemi

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  1. Ok so i was reading Auto and they say Ford's GT will not pass US regulations in the year 2006. Anyone have more info here?

    And they where talking about the new DC Hemi...and that its a not a hemi. They where looking at the old Air Cooled engines of porsche to get there idea for there hemi but majorty of the concept of that engine is gone and thos "Hemis" are not Hemis
  2. Production is planned to cease after 2006 on the GT, so maybe that's why. Yes, the Hemi, isn't really a Hemi. Hemi is now just a marketing ploy.
  3. thought so.........
  4. Chrysler just owns the name "Hemi", and can use it on whatever they wish. Though the "Hemi's" aren't, polyspherical combustion chambers are better than nothing.
  5. Hemi is just a name, every company has made a HEMI or hemispherical combustion chamber. The engine is all new, wouldnt last long if they just started to remake the old ones. And the new HEMI is rumored to have copied the block of the Gen IV chevy small blocks. And Porsche is most unlikely seeing thatr HEMI's can only be made on OHV engines, DOHC motors use what is called Pentroof combustion chambers. So it doesnt matter where they go for inspiration of their new motor as long as its a Chyrsler motor with hemispherical combustion chamber its a HEMI.
  6. More specificially, I've heard that tougher US emissions regs are set to begin in 2006 and that Ford isn't sure the GT (in its current tune) would meet the new regs. They had intended it to have a short lifespan anyway.
  7. The new hemi, is closer to a Hemi than a wedge or a pentroof. Its a hemi with less of an angle and the the sides partially filled in. It has inline valves vs the wedges perpedicular. It is closer to a hemispheric shape than the pentroof design. So no, its not a true hemi, but its not like any other head design either.
  8. GT is being killed by safety regs, not emissions regs (otherwise they'd just retunr the engine or whatever). They always planned it this way apparnetly, and will just start building a new car (apparently a Cobra roadster) with the GT's bits and pieces...
  9. both wrong according to ford VP, but think what you want
  10. both wrong according to ford VP, but think what you want
  11. I think the GR-1 stands a better chance than that Cobra concept at becoming a production reality. Reaction by the general public and by those within Ford indicate the Cobra concept's visual appeal just isn't strong enough.
    What you say makes sense, and I think I recall a C&D article saying new safety regs is the reason. But I don't see how using the GT's spaceframe, suspension & subframe, etc. is going to get around this. On top of that, there's no incentive to re-tune an engine for a model you plan to kill anyway; sounds easy, but it'll cost a lot just to re-certify. Enter the V10...
  12. What does Ford VP say?
  13. RIP Ford GT, Bring on the GR-1.

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