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  1. SC.net is being a slag and not letting me save any pics as .JPG files...it's just doing .bmp. This is taking up HUGE amounts of space on my Hard Drive and it's really pissing me off. is there a way of converting them all to .jpg really quickly without having to load each one into Photoshop then saving as a .jpg one by one? i really need to do it, but i want to do it quickly as i have over 100 bitmaps that need changing.

    p.s. does anyone know why they're only saving as bitmaps? it's only Sc that does this, so it's pretty annoying.
  2. Tools > Internet Options > Delete Files
  3. done all that delete temporary files crap

    it's only doing it with Sc...whatever

    all iwant to know is whether there's a way of converting a bunch of bitmaps to jpegs without opening them one by one and saving thema s a different file...
  4. Google a program called irfanview, it does batch conversions...
  5. is it free?
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  7. that's awesome...took about 5 clicks and it was done

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