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Discussion in 'European Cars' started by lt4, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Does Leblanc still make cars or are they gone now? That Leblanc Mirabeau was quit possibly the most extreme street legal car ever. Hell for extra cash they would put in an F1 engine. I know someone (not actually know them just heard) took the Koenigsegg engine but rated at 800hp instead of the detuned 700hp engine.

    it is listed here on this site with the 700hp engine so
    862.07 bhp per tonne

    800hp equals 993hp per tonne
  2. I haven't heard of anything new from them in any automotive news, ever.

    EDIT: that being said, I'm not the most well-read when it comes to tiny little specialist companies like this... someone may well correct me here.
  3. You should edit the title to "Quick question for Innotech"
  4. lol

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