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  1. Lets say you go to Taco Bell or some other place that has fountain drinks and you fill you cup up with every drink. What's that called? My friend said it was called a kamikaze and I said it was a suicide. Who's right?
  2. Stupidity.
  3. Ok, I should have pointed out that I'd rather not have smart ass answers.
  4. Then don't ask stupid answers?
  5. cup of nasty fluid mixure.

    why would someone do this? very very very rarely do carbonated drinks mix well.
  6. swamp water
  7. It's a brew. If you do it right, it can be pretty kickass.
  9. from urbandictionary.com


    A fountain drink composed of multiple random shots of soda from a self-service soda fountain. Due to the inherently chaotic nature of the drink's creation, no two kamikaze drinks are ever the same. Also called a suicide, since you take your life in your own hands when you make this drink.

    I'm going to the 7-11 to get a kamikaze. Want to be my designated driver?
  10. example.
  11. Roughly equal parts of Coke and Dr. Pepper, then with roughly half that amount in ice tea. So like, 40% Coke, 40% Dr. Pepper, and 20% ice tea. You can't taste the tea very much over the soft drinks, but the taste lingers longer and gives it a rad aftertaste. It's not really all of the drinks together, but there are tons you can do.
  12. im gonna try that.
  13. Suicide, and it's quite good.
  14. It's pretty good, but don't be afraid to experiment. Like you said, they often mix poorly, but sometimes they mix great.
  16. i call it a mix of everything
  17. Must be a Canadian thing...
  18. Liquid carbonated shit
  19. "Suicide is slow with liquor.."

    dude, that drink sounds tempting.
  20. Suicide, I have never heard it called a Kamakaze

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