quite a number of Porsche 956/962C for sale ...

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  3. I want that 935 they've got for sale
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  5. Oh and I've never seen that 962 with the round headlights
  6. you should be a porsche addict
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    1985 Porsche 962-HR1 - 'The Lowenbrau Car'::
    Al Holbert's Spectacular Three-Time IMSA Championship Winner

    asking price: $ 1,450,000

    Instantly recognizable as ‘The Lowenbrau Car”, 962-HR1 and its predecessor (962-103) are by far the most successful and recognizable sports cars ever to race in the legendary IMSA GTP Series. Constructed by Holbert Racing under license from Porsche AG, HR1 is also an active tribute to Al Holbert who was, almost inarguably, the greatest sports car driver and team owner of his time.

    The achievements of HR1 are without parallel and include an incredible three IMSA championships, ten overall wins and eighteen podium finishes. Holbert’s co-drivers in HR1 were Derek Bell, Chip Robinson and Al Unser, Jr.

    962-HR1 Competition Highlights:

    * 1985 IMSA GTP Drivers Championship
    * 1985 Porsche Cup USA
    * 1986 IMSA GTP Drivers Championship
    * 1987 IMSA GTP Manufacturers Championship (2nd in driver points)
    * 1987 Daytona 24 Hours Overall Winner
    * 6 Poles including its first race in 1985 and last race in 1988
    * 19 podium finishes
    * 11 overall wins

    >>> www.962.com/historic_porsches/Porsche%20962-HR1/index.htm
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    1986 Porsche 962C

    Chassis No. 962-119

    Specific history of this car:

    With chassis No. 962-119, we are glad to present one of the last "one-owner from new" 962 left in existence. Most experts consider this car to be one of the very finest examples based on both originality, current condition as well as its specific racing history. This car was sold shortly after the end of a four-year race career in 1989 to its one and sole private owner.

    It has since then been carefully preserved and sparingly used in a variety of club and show events only. This is the first time this car has been available for purchase in nearly 20 years and as such is an opportunity not likely to repeat itself again for many years to come!

    This one-owner form new car has been built as 100% Porsche Factory Car. It was delivered new from Porsche client services to the ‘B.F. Goodrich’ factory supported team in March of 1986. The car was assigned to various drivers including Jim Busby, Bob Wollek, Wally Dallenbach, John and Michael Andretti and Jochen Mass to name just a few.
    This car was actively campaigned by ‘B.F. Goodrich’ for the entire 1986 season through the 1989 season. The car was raced initially under just the ‘B.F. Goodrich’ team livery but later also under the famous ‘Miller Beer’/‘B.F. Goodrich’ livery and as such it is one of the most remembered as well as outright successful of the IMSA 962s.

    This car competed in nearly 40 IMSA championship races failing to finish in just eight of these events. With five podium finishes and numerous fastest laps, 961-119 is one of the all-time most successful as well as prolifically raced 962s ever built.
    At the end of 1989 Season, the Porsche factory wanted to use this specific car for a series of promotional photos. They then contracted through Jim Busby to have the car thoroughly reconditioned. In addition the car received a full Porsche/’Rothman's’ sticker kit and paint job faithful to the factory ‘Rothman’s’/Porsche race livery which it still wears. This is the sole IMSA 962 that Porsche gave such treatment to.

    >>> www.janluehn.com/stock23.html
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    Porsche 962 IMSA Racecar

    year 1986
    Chassis No. 962 128

    2nd Place Finish at 1987 Daytona 24 Hours, 10th Overall at 1989 Le Mans 1987 Porsche 962C IMSA s/n 962-128 Yellow and Blue Hydro Aluminum Livery Described by Derek Bell as ``a beautifully efficient machine, easy to drive, with no bad habits``, Porsche`s 956 and 962 are absolutely legendary for their dominance in the international Endurance Sports Car racing scene throughout the eighties, and into the early nineties. Piloted by such legendary drivers as A.J. Foyt, Hans Stuck, Jackie Ickx, Al Holbert, Hurley Haywood, and Jurgen Barth, among others, these cars secured many world championships and Le Mans victories for Porsche, including first place at Le Mans from 1982-1987, and again in 1994.

    >>> www.fantasyjunction.com/used-cars.php?id=f26639b27129481883a98f1b6acd8811
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    1982 Porsche Ex Works 956 Le Mans Entry Group C

    Chassis no: 956 004

    At its first race at Silverstone 1982, Jackie Ickx and Derek Bell won at the wheel of this 620bhp, turbo-charged flat-six Porsche weighting just 840 kg. Many races and championship wins would follow but Le Mans was where the 956 ruled, from 1982 to 1994 the 956 / 962 family would lay claim to an amazing seven victories at La Sarthe.

    Chassis number 956 004 started its life on June 12th, 1982 as a Rothmans sponsored works car at the factory in Zuffenhausen. Its first race was at the 24 hours of Le Mans June 19th / 20th of 1982 with Al Holbert, Hurley Haywood and Juergen Barth at the wheel, finishing in third position overall behind the two other Works Porsche 956's chassis 002 and 003.

    The next race was the 1000 kms of Spa on September 5th 1982, where Derek Bell and Vern Schuppan achieved second position. Chassis 004 went on to test an engine with the new Porsche Motronic fuel injection system, unfortunately it suffered technical failure during the 9 hours of Kyalami in November and continued to encounter problems through to December.

    The next entries with Dereck Bell and the highly talented Stefan Bellof were at the 1000kms of Spa September 1983, finishing in second position and at the 1000kms of Brands Hatch finishing third. The last races of 956 chassis 004 were at Monza 1984, finishing second with Jochen Mass and Jacky Ickx and at Sandown Park, Austrailia in December 1984 finishing in eighth position after testing a new gearbox. During the 1983 and 1984 seasons chassis 956 004 acted as the Works spare car, when not being raced.

    >>> www.coys.co.uk/showroom/show_stock.php?id=5913&PHPSESSID=941aae0a30b29230545b3e0e3d515514
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    Porsche 956 Group C race car

    year 1983
    Chassis No. 956-009

    Sometimes a car's history is so good that every move is recorded, documented and watched with eager anticipation.

    009s province and originality has never been doubted; documented ownership, it has never crashed, and is so well recorded that now it is being marketed for the first time, it should without doubt be one of the most desirable racing cars ever.

    956.009 was built by Porsche AG to replace 007 and it made its debut in Rothmans colours in Japan, at The Fuji 1,000 Kms in October 1983. Bellof put it on pole position, and partnered by Bell went on to win its inaugural race.

    Probably the most successful of the 10 works cars, it won no fewer than seven World Endurance Championship victories in Rothmans colours, and carried Stefan Bellof to his World Championship title in 1984 with a total of 138 points

    1/ Fuji 1000kms 10/83 Bell & Bellof 1st
    2/ Kylami 1000kms 12/83 Bell & Bellof 1st
    3/ Monza 1000kms 04/84 Bell & Bellof 1st
    4/ Silverstone 1000kms 05/84 Bell & Bellof 10th
    5/ Nurburgring 1000kms 07/85 Bell & Bellof 1st
    6/ Canada 1000kms 1984 Bell & Bellof 4th
    6/ Spa 1000kms 1984 Bell & Bellof 1st
    7/ Fuji 1000 kms 1984 Bellof & Watson 1st
    8/ Australia Melbourne 1984 Bell & Bellof 1st
    9/ Monza 1000kms 04/1985 Bell & Stuck 2nd
    10/ Silverstone 1000kms 05/1985 Bell & Stuck 2nd

    009 was kept on as a spare car for the 1985 season it was the T car at Mugello in April 1985 where it was fitted with a 935/82 air cooled engine for the practise session, and was drafted back into service later that month at Monza when Hans Stuck bailed out of his 962C (003) when it caught fire in practise. It ran with a 962C rear end, a wider venture and 19” wheels it went on to finish 2nd.

    With 962.003 still being rebuilt 009 was raced at the 1000kms of Silverstone in May 1985 where it finished 2nd after the screen came loose.

    009 continued as a T car running in practise at Le Mans 1985 setting time good enough to qualify 4th but was withdrawn, it ran as T car at Hockenheim with a 935/82 air cooled high boost engine.

    009s later trips as a Rothmans car took it as a T car to Mosport Park, Brands Hatch, & Fuji but it did very few laps, at Monza Derek Bell used the car to test the PDK double clutch transmission.

    >>> www.oakfields.com/featuredcars.htm#
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    1987 PORSCHE 962

    Porsche FABCAR IMSA GTP 962. Junior Johnson
    Small Block Chevy 24 hour Rolex engine

    This car has been gone through front to rear with adjustable suspension in cockpit. Original parade car for Camel GTP series. This car is a must have for the GTP 962 enthusiast. A serious must hear / see viehicle.

    >>> http://adcache.collectorcartrader.com/10/9/6/89893096.htm
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    Specification: 962-113 in the famous Coca~Cole livery of Bob Akin . This Porsche factory 962 was first raced in July of 1985 qualifying 2nd and finishing 9th in class at the Three Hours of Watkins Glen.

    From that time , to 962 113's final IMSA campaign at the hands of James Weaver in October of 1987 , the famous # 5 Coca~Cola 962-113 was a top notch competitor with the pinnacle being it&rsquos 1986 overall win at the Sebring 12 Hour contest with Akin , Jo Gartner and Hans-Joachim Stuck sharing the driving duties.

    To this day the average speed of 115.8 mph for the 12 hour affair is still a Sebring 12 hour record that has never been broken ! And to think she crossed the finish line with only three wheels !

    Drivers such as Hans-Joachim Stuck , Jo Gartner , James Weaver , Vern Schuppan, Hurley Haywood , Price Cobb and Dennis Aase amongst others , have enjoyed racing this legendary 962 .

    The Coca~Cola livery is arguably the most recognized and famous livery&rsquos ever to compete in the IMSA series. Bob Akin was famous for his driving skill, his team management skill and most important of all , his mentoring of other drivers and teams for the last 4 decades.

    All these characteristics make this one of the most collectible and sought after of vintage Porsche race cars where the 962 marque is legendary to begin with. Complete restoration completed in 2002 with engine by Porsche Motorsports this meticulously cared for 962 is turn key for either viewing enjoyment or vintage racing... or both!

    >>> www.hemmings.com/classifieds/carsforsale/porsche/962/303431.html
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    Porsche 962C
    Price: £365,000
    Year: 1987

    Delivered by the factory to the privateer "Team Obermaier" just prior to the 1987 Le Mans Endurance Classic. This Group C Porsche 962-130C went on to take 2nd overall in the 24 hour classic; this was the start of a successful racing career for the car until the end of 1989 when it was effectively retired.

    Oakfields purchased the car in 2000 and used it regularly in the European GrC championship with its best result a 2nd Overall at Silverstone in the Empire trophy.

    The car was then repainted still in its original colours and livery and given some sympathetic minor restoration.

    This car is probably the most original 962 available today.

    >>> www.eracingcars.com/acatalog/historic_sports_cars.html
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    my favourite looking racecar propably.
  17. awesome stuff Axel
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    How many 962 in this livery? If just one then I've seen it <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  19. I think there´re just one or two

    that´s the one that was at the Modena Motorsport meeting at the Nurburgring in 2005:
  20. And 2007 <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
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    smallblock chevy? BARF
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  23. not for sale but some exclusive pics of 962C-141, still in the hands of Jochen Dauer:
  24. awesome
  25. I came like SHIT! Damn.

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