Quiting smoking sucks

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by 23inchrimzzzzzzz, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. I feel like punch people face for no apparent reason at all. Maybe thats just my anger management problem. I'd go back to anger management classes, but the guy running it pissed me off.
  2. smoke a cigarette. it'll calm you down.
  3. I'd like to, maybe that or throw in a dip, but I'm trying to break the nicotine habit. I can't running 100 feet without dying, especially if I don't smoke before I do it.
  4. Go fight a bull
  5. Time to start drinking.
  6. keep running, it's important. Every day, for 20 minutes. If you are having a really hard time, cut your pace so that you can at least get gradually up to a good speed. A good target is 4 km in 20 minutes. Firstly, it'll help expend some energy and keep you more calm. Secondly, as you improve your distance and endurance, you'll gain more momentum toward quitting smoking because you'll begin to feel really good. Thirdly, nicotine is a laxative, and when you try to quit, you may get backed up. Physical exercise, and drinking lots of water will help keep you from getting constipated.

  7. I only smoke when I get stressed or bummed out

    Working out is a good way to keep your mind off smoking, or eat those Spitz sunflower seeds
  8. Chantix makes it easy.
  9. Good advice. My target is to get back to running 5k in 20 minutes, which is definitely attainable. My main goal is to condition myself for the P.F. Chang's Rock & Roll half marathon in January, regardless of time.

    This has been the first time I've actually been able to go without nicotine for days without completely losing my mind. The best part is that this girl who I swore hated me found out that I quit smoking, and she's been going out of her way to talk to me. Weird, eh? I never knew tobacco was that much of a turn off.
  10. I know, I want to quit too. Problem is, I can run 5 k in 20 mins even with my smoking, so that's not an incentive factor. Blah.
  11. Smoking to begin with sucks, dickhead.
  12. One of my other incentives is not smelling like shit. A couple weeks ago, I walked into my room, and wondered "Why does it smell like shit in here?" Then it hit me, that shit smell was the 10 cigarettes I chain smoked in less than an hour, while bullshitting with my buddies in the smokepit.
  13. The key is to only smoke on weekends when you are out getting drunk.
  14. figurative uno
  15. yeah
  16. It's not that hard and it's not a big deal if you slip up every once in a while at the beginning. Man up.
  17. If I want to quit smoking, I'll have to quit drinking.

    A.K.A. - never gonna happen. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  18. My sister's anus started bleeding when she tried Chantix.
  19. spoiler: Those are unrelated events.
  20. My grandmother smoked for over 60 years, all it took for her to quit (Cold turkey no less) was to have her only daughter diagnosed with advanced stage of lung cancer and then died two months later.

    Prior to that, she had a lung removed and still smoked.
  21. It stopped when she stopped taking Chantix.
  22. spoiler, marijuana affects the memory.
  23. shouldn't have started
  24. Solution: dont quit.
  25. Use heroine instead.

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