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Discussion in '2000 Jaguar F-Type Concept' started by Bill Oddity, Aug 9, 2002.

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    ARGH! Have you seen what theyve done to the production model? Its on the cover of Autocar(i think) this week, it doesnt look nearly as nice as the concept........
  2. Goodnight and god bless Porsche Boxster because as of 2004 you will not be welcome in this world for the new king has arrived.
    They should just call it sex on legs!<!-- Signature -->
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    <!-- QUOTE --><center><hr width="90%"></center><blockquote><i>Quote from Brit cars rule</i>
    <b>Goodnight and god bless Porsche Boxster because as of 2004 you will not be welcome in this world for the new king has arrived.
    They should just call it sex on legs!</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->

    sex on legs?
    well my theorie that the british are not good with sex is tru.
    j/k<!-- Signature -->
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    This guy seems to like British skinned foriegn cars. On his signature, Everything's foriegn except the elise. <!-- Signature -->
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    R.I.P. Boxster? Oh hell no. I like Jagz and all that, but the guy who started this topic can lick my hairy, sweaty pouch.

    Porsche. There is no substitute.
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    If this car is half the hype the boxster will be put out like a homeless prostitute. I used to like Boxsters until I watched Motor Trend compare the Boxster S, Corvette Z06, and BMW M3. When the Boxster S was proven to be BS I lost all love for it. For those who didn't watch that episode, the Corvette dominated in almost every category, but the M3 was given the pick since it's the family car on steroids. The Boxster S didn't dominate in any field.
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    looks like dilettanti whimper again-mclaren..boxter..ferrari..lambo
    jaguar will get the better of everyone
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    yes , bye bye boxster...

    The jag is much more sexy
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    Gimmeajaguar....did you fail to notice the moronicness of that test?
    Boxter, Porsche's lowest model compare to the Corvette Z06 (labelled by many to be America's best Super car) and a BMW M3, an awesome handling Saloon? *ahem* BULLSHIT TEST!
    Of course the Porsche sucked ass in the test, it was out powered and out classed. If it had been a 911 it would have been a different story.
    The Boxter is competeing against "lesser" sports cars, such as the Honda S2000, and other, similar cars.
    Do note that I am not, personally a Porshe fan, hell, I spersonally hate how they look, but when misrepresented like that...gah. Oh yeah, read Evo Magazine from England. Much better than any American car magazine that I have come across.
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    Actually it was a Boxster S (S for shit I guess). True, it was a bs test, but the show was comparing like-priced autos roughly in the $40-60K USD range. A 911 costs much more than that.
    I absolutely will never own a Porsche. I lost all interest in the company when I learned that they sponsor Georgia Tech (my college's arch rival, go DAWGS). On top of that, every Porsche owner I've known had the "little-man's syndrome" if you know what I mean, so I could care less about Porsche and their owners. But, that's me.
    I need to get my hands on some good car mags. Does Evo have US or UK specs of automobiles?<!-- Signature -->
  12. Jaguar, bring back the 3.5L

    Of course, now that the F-Type is RIP, for now...
    just watch out for Jaguar, to come up with a more powerful performace car.
    They simply have to.
    What I'll love to see, is the F-Type have the 3.5L L6, the XJ220 had.
    Now, that'll be awesome, oh my goodness.
    Putting the new 6 speed tranny in of course.

    It'll send Porshe crying.
    Plus, it'll be ripping the streets!
    Wasn't that a Viper, which we just flew by?
    See, now we would be talking.<!-- Signature -->
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    he knows that test was BS.pitting the entry level Porsche against the baddest of all Vettes and the great M3. if they would have stuck the 350Z or the s2000 in that ring with the Z06 and the M3,they would have lost badly also.it would have been a better contest if they would have stuck the 911 in the ring(not the turbo).its like pitting an amateur middleweight against Roy Jones(M3) and Earnie Shavers(in his prime)...NO CHANCE to win.
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    This wont be able to touch the Boxter
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    this would actually destroy a boxter
    a prototype 4.0 v8 f-type was made, later on used for Aston Martin, but it did a 0-60 in 4.6 seconds.
    i say, boxter is destroyed.
    don't forget the boxster does 0-60 in just under 6 seconds,
    a jaguar 3.0 does 0-60 about the same time as the current boxster.
    of course, assuming that the F-type would go faster than an X-Type, due to weight differential.
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    The F type will probably cost a LOT more than the boxster. Plus, I doubt this could handle as good as the boxster
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    They weren't misrepresented in a sense. The mag was comparing them for bang for your buck. Since those three cars all cost about the same they used them. And even though the vette outperformed the beemer, the beemer still gets the win because it seats four. So no, in a sense it would not have been a different story with a 911. 911 costs way more than ZO6 and M3. Hell you could buy both and still have some left over compared to the 911. Yea, of course the 911 will tear apart the competition but will still finish last in the bang for your buck category with vette in 2nd and M3 in first.

    NOTE: I like the vette but I can see why they chose the M3 in this comparison. Tests can be for different things....not just performance.
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    Sorry, can't continue to read this thread without saying SOMETHING... ok, so in America, Boxster S, M3 and Z06 Corvette are similar price. Fair enough. So if Z06 and M3 come out on top for BFYB, ok, whatever. PLEASE, everyone, realise that this applies ONLY in the US where you have US-spec and US-priced cars. What do I mean??? Well, in Australia, the Boxster S is some AU$5-10k cheaper than M3... and in a head-to-head test came out well on top of the M3. Corvette is not even imported here, and cost of importing and converting to RHD you are looking at a price some 70% to double that of the M3 and Boxster S. So Z06 definitely loses BFYB here. Different case in UK and Europe too I bet. In Europe, imagine having a 5.7L beast like the Vette - fuel prices about four times what you pay in America and CO2 taxes too!

    My point is this: horses for courses. Corvette Z06 is great in America, a true straight-line hero and not too shabby around a track either. M3 is a brilliant all-rounder, a family lugger as well as true supercar and awesome cruiser in ridiculous comfort. Probably Europe's choice of autobahn blaster. Boxster S is one of the most incredible open-top cars of all time, fantastic rigidity, foolproof handling, and finally the torque to answer its critics. A poser's car but with handling and speed to match. In Australia, definitely my choice because it was even rated ahead of M3!

    Anyway, back to the thread subject... well here's the thing: as mentioned earlier, F-Type will most likely be much, much more expensive than Boxster. Also, it will need to be one HELL OF A CAR to beat Boxster - so please, don't count your eggs before they hatch Brits! (don't think I'm against Brits either - my favourite cars are Elise and Exige and in all seriousness, I plan to buy an Elise one day in many, many years' time when I have the money, although by then I'll probably be married so I guess depends what the wife thinks too... hmm... I can claim mid-life crisis?? =0P) Long live the Boxster for revitalising Porsche and providing the funding needed to keep cars like the 911 as awesome as they are! (although I hate the idea of the Cayenne! Bloody mass-produced SUV's...) In any case, I await the release of the F-type and will be hoping this comparison is done so we can see the result!
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    I say Boxter, but I'm too biased to know.
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    the F was originally planned to be the cheapest jaguar, it was the affordable 2 seater, that was invisioned (picture xk120 here) in the modern era (picture a non-ford Jaguar here).
    We all know what happened. However, this decade we will see a 2 seater. (invision 2009 here)
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    I think in terms of style, the ZO6 and this Jaguar F-Type would win out over the M3 and the little Boxster...handling wise, probably a tie between the ZO6 and the M3 I would imagine...affordability? probably the ZO6....bragging rights at the strip or stoplight? toss up between the M3 and the ZO6...now bring the F-Type into the picture and it would change everything, probably be right up there with the ZO6, and possibly put the M3 to shame, and the Boxster to shame rather easily....to each their own, but my preferences lean towards the 'Vette and the Jaguar, although I like all 4 cars mentioned here, and wouldn't mind driving all 4 of them! lol
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    Jaguar do not have a car that handles as good or stops as good as a boxter. It doesnt matter how much power it has, or how fast the car goes in a straight line, this WILL NOT likely change. I wish you people would stop just talkign about straight line performance all the time. The jag may look better (i gurantee the production verison will look nohwere near as good) and may be faster in as traight line (doubtful, as i read soemwhere it would be availiable only with a 6 cylinder, so as not to steal sales from XK series), but even if it does it wont stop or hadnle as good. Another thing i would like to add. The corvette Z06 cant compete with porsche on built quality, exclusivity, ride quality, comfort etc im sure afterthe review i read here in aus of the vette. Apparently the car handled and went great, but couldnt even comclose to handling aussie hash roads. Boxter hasnt brought up such issues. Also, again you fail to undertand that that test is american. Look at a european magazine, ain which ull get a 911 for the cost of the Vette, maybe even a 911 turbo. The 911 turbo will KILL the vette. 911 will probably come cose to or do the same. The M3 beat it? The M3 is possibly the best performance car on the market for under 200,000 AUS, and is also a brand new mondel beign out for how long? 2 years maybe? 1 year? (current model that is). The boxter has been otu for proably 7 or more years. Compare the Boxter S to the last series M3 and then well see. Boxters replacement is coming out soon, and sorry to say, but a 7-8 year old boxter beign beaten by a 1 year old M3 which also costs more (here) is not a real shock to me, and nor does it make the porsche pathetic. Any car even coming close to an M3 is a big praise. Like was said, the boxter is a more comparable to a 330ci, which it will murder, and a base corvette, which it will probably also kill, or at least come even with. Now, to the obviosuly largely biased jag fans. JAguar built luxury cars, who quite honestly arent as good as Mercedes, BMW, or Audi, the 3 top luxury marques. I dont know if they can even compete with VW all round. They just arent the same level. If they cant compete with these luxury cars (which is jaguars specialty) then how will a new f type beat a boxter, let alone "kill" one. This jag is a concept, propbly wint be out for 2 years. I believe a new boxter (or facelifted at least) is due in about a year or two, maybe less. "wow jags concept can outdrag a 7 year old porsche". A HSV GTS pulls a 13.5 secong quarter mile, but doesnt make it better then a 1996 Ferrari F355 does it? Going by your theory ford will kil lever car maker and possibly even mclaren, because its GT40 runs 10 second quarter miles. It's not, why? firstly, its a concept car and is not out, possibly ever will be. Secondly , if id did, it would probably be less crazy. Thirdly, in othera reass it wouldnt be as good most likely. The bias of soem people makes me sick. Why do so many british people on these sites seem to think their cars are unbeatble no matter what jsut becaus ethey are british? The Vanquish kills the 575 Maranello. The Bently/Rolls kills a Maybach, the XJR Kills an M5 and E55. My opinin, and many other peoples opinins (including people who actually drove those cars - exceptopn of the maybach) say that they didnt have a chance. Did an XJR EVER will a comparison against M5 and E55? EVER?? I dotn recall. Dont get me wrong, i;ve always like jags, but be REALISTIC. it's dfien to defend your favorite cars, but dotn put down other cars, and claim your favorites are the best, when they are far from it. A new Falcon XR8 runs a 14.4 and costs $45,000 AUS, and Mercedes S430 is similar insize and costs $220,000 AUS and pulls a 15.8. Does this mean the falcon is better? I'm a huge ford fan, but no its not better. I love th ecar to death, and for th eprice its far better value for money, but its not a better car. Try to keep biased there for opinino not for false fact.
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    Umm...if it's in the same price range,i'd take this anyday over a boxter.....
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    Umm, the XJ220 used a 3.5L V6, not a straight 6 buddy.
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    Your comments about a Z06 being "not too shabby around a track" are obviously biased. The Z06 outhandled the M3 and the Boxter, and it will outhandle many sports cars which cost twice as much. Please tell me you didn't say that simply because it comes from America because that just makes you look stupid. Oh and btw, the Corvette gets about the same mileage as a Boxster. R/T's average mpg ratings break down as follows.

    Corvette 50th Anniversary 20.0mpg
    Corvette Z06 18.7mpg
    Boxster 20.0mpg
    Boxster S 18.5mpg

    It's amazing what a double overdrive transmission can do for fuel economy.

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