R.I.P. Dodge Viper? :(

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by lucky strike, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Seriously???
    Im pretty sure that DCX is one of the only car co's left that love cars. How can you say that Toyota loves cars after the Prius or honda after the insight or even chevy almost lost it with the aveo. Chrysler is the only maker that hasn't completely lost it's mind and started building bicycles instead of cars.
  2. so I see you still enjoy doing meth
  3. Daimler ruined Chrysler, then ditched them. Stupid Germans don't know how to build desireable cars..., unless it has a brand name that no one would ever disrespect(like Mercedes).
  4. Daimler ruined Chrysler?


  5. Ummm... Ya... Oookkk... How do you get a brand that noone would ever disrespect???

    Thats right, by building amazing desirable cars!!!!!!!

  6. See 300C/Charger.
  7. It's pretty sad that Cerberus is dismantling one of the more iconic and important american corporations. Almost 100 years of... erm.. quality(?) and important cars down the drain cause Cerberus wants to make a quick buck turning it over.
  8. you think car companies are in buisness because of the high performance cars they build?
  9. Chevy didn't almost lose it with the Aveo. And Cerebus most definitely doesn't love cars.
  10. Daimler gave them the 300C. Probably the first respectible Chrysler in decades.
  11. Hes a #%$got f body driver.
  12. daimler is the olnly domestic brand that doesn't imporst foreing cars to sell moneys
  13. I want to stab most of you in the cornea. I love the Viper.
  14. They build a product to make money.
  16. doesnt really matter since it cant handle anyways but i think they might make something better
  17. good god i'm finding dtunk posts all over the place, wtf does this even mean
  19. They were/are both designed and built by Chrysler US.. platform, tranny, suspension and others were old mercedes hand me downs (though the components are not given away..). It would have been cheaper to use their own platform and own tranny or ZF trannies (more so the components than the platform since chrysler made it their own, "LX").. but that wouldnt have benefited mercedes..
  20. people who like it, love it and people who dont, dont give a sh*t, i love it, graetly missed, and if they bring it out as crysler, it'll be hated by both people
  21. The viper is a truck. The guy on the phone works for Dodge and is the person who gave me the info.
  22. It was essentially a Mercedes, but w/out the Mercedes badge not as many people cared.. It sold hot for awhile, but that faded since then.

    And yet they couldn't seem to turn around Chrysler... Poor Germans. They have to rely on their "WE ARZE GERMANZ" image to sell cars, since their Chrysler on a Mercedes platform and superior German technology/quality couldn't sell them well enough to put Chysler in the green. Where's the honor in ditching a company and where's the pride in knowing you couldn't even fix Chysler?

    Btw, Chysler had momentum in the 90's with good cars in the pipeline, then DaimlerBenz bought them and changed their whole agenda.

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