R&T Charger Photoshop

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by RLQ, Sep 17, 2004.

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  2. better than the magaum~!
  3. FINALLY!! Someone else who knows its a coupe! I'm not sure about that grille, but everything else looks great!
  4. Eeeech.

    The Magnum looks awesome, I'd accept a sedan version of that.
  5. actually if u had read what it said on the picture...

    It basically says... Charger = 4 door sedan.

    Coupe not greenlighted yet.

  6. Too bad its not the 1998 Concept.
  7. it looks alot like a crossfire, only bloated.
  8. I'm a big Chrysler fan, I even drive a big old Valiant, but it is just missing something...
    Call me crazy, but I love the four door design!
  9. It looks like that Jaguar concept
  10. You mean the F type? I'm not so sure that is a bad thing anyway
  11. No, the R-D6

    and it is a good think, I like this concept
  12. agreed i prefer that old design. i'm not fond of this design looks like a redesigned crossfire
  13. Well neither is a bad looking car. Honestly can't see a remarkable resemblance though
  14. Yeah, no remarkable resemblance, but once I saw the pic of this concept, it made me think of Jaguar.
  15. that grill looks like it got stabbed with a blunt object
  16. Paint it black, put fins on it and you have the Batmobile (Animated Series)

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