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  1. nice boot, but wtfs with the tongue.
  2. posting a link without a description of said link is a sure way to start a petition to ban
  3. WTF :s
  4. r10 = ronaldinho = football.

    u nub.
  5. i thought it was about an audi noob.
    this is supercars.net, not soccergeeks.net
  6. Its a baseball cleat that he is using for soccer!
  7. WHO THE #$%#A RE YOU
  8. and i guess this is the general chat :s !!!!!!
  9. youre only redeeming factor is your avatar.

  10. I want them.
  11. who calls them "boots"!?!?
  12. They're football boots, what do you call them?
  13. shoes or cleats. thats what they are. Boots are what your wear when you do construction/be in the army/are a cowboy.
  14. Boots, are a high top style shoe. These are soccer cleats or soccer shoes
  15. meh, I suppose people just call them different things in different areas...
  16. i call them boots.
  17. Football boots, you mongs; football shoes just sounds girly.
  18. I have always called them Football/Soccer Boots but it is kinda silly. Football shoes just sounds whack.
  19. yes, everyone knows that R10 refers to that goofy football player, and not the Audi Le Mans car... as someone said - this IS supercars.net
  20. Isn't there a superbike called R10, aswell? Or is that just R1?
  21. no idea.
  22. Yamaha R1.

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