R32 vs STI vs EVO

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by Grigio Telesto, Feb 19, 2008.

  2. evo > R32 > sti
  4. Gimme the sti. I may be abandoning my soul, but 90% of the driving I do is relaxed. I'll appreciate (comfort) and use (space) the sti more. I may be incorrect, but I think the Subie is also the safest of the three, something the fiance would ask about should these three ever become an option for me/us.
  5. the reversal of the ratings they gave

  6. and a STi...
  7. i want an r32
  8. I actually really, really like the STi in the flesh.
  9. Evo. Quicker and sportier than the R32, and does just about everything better than the STi. I honestly like the previous versions of the Subie and VW better than the current ones.
  10. This thread would be a lot better if it were R32 Skyline and not some shitty VW
  11. That evo in white looks like a toddler with food running down it's face.

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