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  1. What does this race against?
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    Re: Race series

    it races in the belguim belcar competition: it a endurance race over 6 hours. it competes against bmw M3, VW, Porsche, and Vipers
    in the belcar there are several classes driving the same time: GT2, TOuring ( class of the mini), Procar, if you want further explination go to www.pitstop.tv and click on belcar and procar.
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    Re: Race series

    This car races in the Belcar, the Belgian GT & Tourism endurance championschip.

    - GTA : GT-cars with a 3601cc engin,or more
    - GTB : GT-cars with a 3600 cc engin, or less

    - TA : Tourism-cars with a 3001cc engin, or more
    - TB: Tourism-cars with a 3000c engin, or less

    For more information, check www.belcar.com

    The Belcar will include 7 races in 2003, a 24 hours race (24 hours of Zolder), a 4 hours race in Francorchamps, and 3* a 125min. race in Zolder & 2* in Francorchamps.

    Check this links fot pics :


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