'Raced' a 355 on my bike!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in '1995 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta' started by dandruff, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Had a really fun experience a while ago. was cycling with my friend down this long, straight, slightly downhill road on my road bike and was doing about 50km/h. then this yellow 355 pulled out right in front off us! he was held up by some shit driver and i pedalled harder and was actually gaining on it! i guessed he was a little pissed, he pulled into the opposite lane and VROOM!!! will never forget the sound!!!! awsome
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    Yes the sound is great! I've driven a red one with the racing exhaust system (+40 hp). What a sound at 5000-9000 r/m!!!!
    And the acceleration...
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    I've been passed by a 456GT , I was at 115mph , but when the 456GT passed I , I thought I was stopped...
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    I got passed by a silver 360 on the highway. I was only going 85 or so, and he was following behind me at the same speed, but he was definitely going 120 or so by the time he was 1 car length ahead of me. That is one fast car.<!-- Signature -->
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    Fortunately, I haven't really had the experience of getting killed like that, or should I say, maybe you guys are the fortunate ones for having gone through that experience!! Keep it real. F355 will always be the Sh*t!!
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    LONG LIVE FERRARI!!!!!!!!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    Ok, you guys are on crack, one or more of you probabaly saw a replicar, and if you really have sat in one of these, good for you, I've sat in many at the car shows in my area.<!-- Signature -->
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    a replica? i wouldn't imagine there'd be too many of those about would there
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    Wow all these #%$s pretend that they Did this and do that blah blah blah all, half of these people don't even have a CAR, jesus<!-- Signature -->
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    lol i wonder how much that guy paid for all that to be done
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    I rode in one of these. It was dark blue!!
    It belongs to my friends dad. The only Blue
    355 in the state, and that's no lie.
    Ask me anything about it if you don't believe
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    I heard a creepy sound once and I thought it was a Ducati popping a wheely or something...
    turned out to be a Ferrari f355. Man, that sound...
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    Thats pretty cool. I saw one only once on the way back from Naples. It was red and caught me by suprise.
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    my dad bought this car for me. Here it is. There are others too he has 2 Porsches, a vette, a silver ferrari 360 spider(he got it repainted and everything cause it used to be black),a bmw,and a benz and 2 motercycles. The only car that is mine is the red 355. I cant drive it yet thought its a pain.
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    Sorry 3 Porsches no benz in that 4th one. Here are the motercycles and the benz.And the vette and the inside of the benz.
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    i am such a clutz i did not realize i did not put that last pic on.
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    yea i rented one... it was a pos and over priced.. I had to pay 1000$ for a one day rent at Premium. The interior was shit... the ac was broken the radio sucked BUT I LOVED THAT CAR. ESPECIALLY THE SOUND AND POWER
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    wow! you are so lucky!
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    The other day I was on the Loop in Phoenix Arizona doing about 85-90 when my friend says look out to the right. Before I got the chance to look over to the side VROOOOM a silver F50 went screaming by me as if I had been standing still, he must of easily been doing 120 plus. Farther down the road I flew past while he was pulled over on the side of the road by a DPS officer.
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    man, u r 1 spoiled *****, sure if i was rich i would by my kids nice cars, i dont have any though, im 16, and if my dad was rich and he gave me a ferrari id take it, who wouldnt, but brag about it the way u do no chance in hell man, thats pathetic. 3 posts when u couldve done 1, u were clearly just trying to rub it in. What did u do to get that car, nothin probably. I dont care that ur daddy bought u 1, but at least be modest about it.
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    And you have the balls to come here with a username like that? Your dad ought to clout you round the ears for disrespect!
  23. I saw a 355 flash by once. But it was too far to hear the engine <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A> and I didn't really pay attention until I saw a flash of yellow, and saw it. it was amazing. Even without hearing the engine

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