Radical SR8 Nurburgring lap in 6.55

Discussion in '2005 Radical SR8' started by RaveRacerR390, Nov 12, 2006.

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  2. Beautiful car and the engine sounds great. If I'm not mistaken the V8 engine is basically 2 1.3L Hayabusa engines mated to 1 crank.
  3. Actually, try only one that's 2.4Ls still kicka** for a vehicle of this magnitude.

    According to Evo magazine issue no.136, the Radical SR8 around Nordschliefe did a 6:48.0sec. lap, regardless flyin' as f*ck anyway!!
  4. 6:55 is extremely good. However, If lotus got the guts to take the elise, put 500 BHp in it, and lighten it more, it could beat this im sure

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