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  1. Saw this on Supercar blond. So what do you think, will this car become reallity?
  2. None of these "crazy hypercars" from new startups interest me in the slightest. They all look like cars from GTA V.
  3. Agree, they are to extreme.
  4. There will be 0 funding for any of these. At most a few will be made but that’ll be it. It’s a repeat of the late 80s early 90s
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  5. Yeah they'll all stay at what is effectively a prototype stage.
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  6. Lol Joss/Vector
  7. One of my customers wanted to buy the purple m12 that was auctioned off multiple times unsuccessfully. It was one of the stupidest arguments I’ve ever gotten into in quite some time
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  8. Oh **** I'd totally forgotten about the Joss!
  9. At times like this we all miss Axel
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  10. It's kind of sad it didn't get made. It was a nice looking car and it's not like they were making stupid performance claims.
  11. The Artega GT he never did end up winning ended up being turned into the latest Saleen sports car (with quite a lot of alterations afaik - enough to say it's an entirely different car)

    Styling-wise, though...

  12. It’s unfortunate he never ended up getting it. Though I’m sure it’s a good thing he didn’t as parts supply would be a shit show
  13. I think he ended up getting a cash equivalent.
  14. I do recall that being the outcome
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