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  1. my female rams are laying eggs. its too bad i dont have a male.. i should get one soon.

    theyre laying on a decoration in the middle of the tank and chasing the angelfish away. poor guy has been stuck in the back corner of the tank for about a week now...
  2. update:

    eggs are gone, but went and bought a male.
  3. You probably have a male in there already. Dude, serious kudos if you can get them to breed successfully.
  4. i had 2 males, was about to trade in to have 1 male 2 female, but both my males died within 2 days. water was perfectly fine, so i dont know what the hell happened.

    but theres a male in now, when i put him in last night he was all puffed up showing off some colours, and the girls were doing the same..

    if they breed, what the hell do i do with the babies?!?!
  5. Man, rams seem to do that. Just die randomly under optimum conditions. The seem to be prone to a specific type of internal infection or parasite. They show no exterior visual signs, and then just randomly drop off. It's weird, not uncommon unfortunately.

    If you do have babies - do some research and see what the best way to raise them is. Then hopefully you end up with a couple dozen, or you can try and sell them to your LFS (local fish store/supplier) for a few bucks a pop. They are really nice fish, and if you offer to sell them 30 cents or something cheaper than what he got his last shipment for, then awesome. Just go to barnes and noble or something and look at the fish books. You can usually find them o cichlids, and sometimes even just dwarf cichlids. I know I have seen both. I buy lots of fish books. Great bathroom reading. A page a poop is what I always say.
  6. yeah, ive been trying to do as much research on these little guys as i can ever since i first saw them in a LFS about.... May-ish

    I'm going to start looking up the best ways to get them to breed.. i noticed that one of the girls was cleaning and picking at that one decoration again, so she might be preparing it to lay eggs again.

    theres a couple big stores in Calgary, im going to look for some dwarf cichlid books next time im in there.. might not be for a
  7. #$%#, it posted before i was done hahaha


    might not be for a while as ive been to about 10 in the last 3 days.. i picked up 6 glowlights as my 35 gallon looked so damn empty haha.
  8. Yeah I just have a couple boring damselfish in my 55g reef. I was getting really bored with just nothing swimming around.

    I just picked up a baby 'Matuta lunaris" that I ordered from my LFS a couple weeks ago. Its a type of crab, I dont know if there's a real common name for it. But just copy/paste that in google and look at some pics. Cool little guy.
  9. sweet dude! in google it comes up as Moon Crab. how big do they get?

    what else are you adding to the tank? any plans?
  10. i need your opinion

    couple options on some different fish i want to get..
    i have in my tank now
    6 glowlight tetras
    3 blue rams (1m 2f)
    1 angelfish
    1 clown loach
    1 clown pleco

    interested in:
    a second clown loach
    a small school of small tetras that would go with the glowlights, but school seperately
    a krib
    a cockatoo cichlid

    maybe a 2nd small pleco, but one that comes out more than my clown pleco haha. i only see him when i lift up the driftwood..
  11. i also like

    Fairy Cichlid (Neolamprologus brichardi)
    Raspboras (harlequin and Dwarf.. although Dwarf might be too small)
    Rummynose Tetra
    Bloodfin Tetra

    (I wish i could edit my posts in your forum hahaha)
  12. so one of my females laid eggs on the same decoration as before. then the male came along behind her and fertilized. Im gonna leave a lamp on over night beside the tank hoping itll help them watch over the eggs a little better. id move the decoration into a breeding tank if i had one i could set up...
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    sorry, i've been ooutta town for days. too tired to answer it all right now. but i will recommend one thing for sure. night lighting. it's better and more natural than leaving a lamp on, plus it looks awesome. I have these on a freshwater tank, and am gonna get some for my reef soon. But I think I'll get white instead of blue (i have blue on the fresh, i'd recommend it for yours too, over white.)


    it may promote spawning in some species as well (fish sex)
  14. i like that idea. ive thought a little about it, but not too much. maybe i should look into it some more...

    so when i got up in the morning the one female ram that didnt lay any eggs was kind of lifeless just sitting in the back corner of the tank. i went out to talk to a fish guy at a good LFS and he was saying she was probably beat up by the other 2. bring her in, and he would give me credit towards some other fish. left to go home and bag her up to take her in, when i got home.... dead. son of a #%[email protected]
  15. hey buddy!


    male killed both those females, and 2 weeks ago today i went out and bought a beautiful little girl for him. they took to eachother immediately! good news. the next wed they layed eggs, lasted until the 2nd day and then they were all eaten. i knew i had to pick up another tank right away, so i found one on FACEBOOK!!!!! 10g tank with everything for $40. i told the girl to keep the rocks plants and Zebra Danio and gave her $30. got it home, set it up and seeded the filter in my main tank.

    fast forward to friday night. my rams were all coloured up, looking ready to spawn, so i did a water change with some cooler water, and gave them some nice blood worms. sure enough, 45 minutes later they were laying the eggs. left them in the main tank over night and first thing in the morning i put them in the 10 gallon tank with all the eggs. this morning (sunday) i woke up, went and looked and the eggs had 2 little black dots in them! score! got home from supper tonight and they were all gone! i was so pissed!

    I looked in the corner of the tank, they had dug a pit and moved all these little vibrating eggs into the pit.


    2 days-ish they should be free swimming, then i can start feeding them frozen rotifiers that i picked up.

    so ahem, kudos to me! haha
  16. Dude, that's fUcking baller. That's not easy to do, and it clearly shows that you have done your homework. Mad props man. Good call on the rotifiers too. Have you been reading books or just internets?
  17. thanks!

    mad readings on the interwebs. ive found a couple sites to read on breeding rams, then i take the best info from all of them and do it up. im basically planning all my fish/tank/everything on my rams hahaha
  18. Planning a tank around a specific fish is the best way you can set up most tanks in my opinion. I really like having a main focus and more or less a showpiece. I did that for a while with green terrors (aequidens rivalatus). Just a 29gal acrylic tank with rounded corners. Just two really rowdy terrors in there, and eventually just one. When he was by himself he got big, colorful, and super aggressive, would flare up his gills and smash his head against the tank if you got to close. really awesome fish. I #$%#ing love the cichlids.
  19. hahaha, those terrors are vicious. apparently red devils are too, i dont get why!? haha

    i took my glowlights and pleco in, and got some trade in on a school of 10 cardinal tetras. they are SO damn nice and colourful. plus, I had a clown pleco so all he did was eat the driftwood and shit. I never saw him.

    mang, you want to post up some pics of your FW set ups?
  20. Red devils and jaguar cichilds (also called a Managuense) are probably the most aggressive of the family. Green terrors are up there, but the former two are really belligerent.
  21. crazy fish haha. you've had a shit load of different set ups eh?

    (Ram wigglers and now mostly free swimming. when I got home and looked only a couple werent swimming)
  22. When it comes to cichlids, I've had my share. I want to do another large setup for central americans. I kinda want too focus on a nicaraguan biotope. I have always wanted to try and get some cichlasoma nicaraguense, but have only seen them in person once.

    But seriously do almost a blackwater setup. Do you ever use peat moss in your filter? It sounds like your setup is optimum at this moment, so I wouldn't suggest making any major changes (peat filtering can change the chemistry quite a bit in terms of pH.) But it sounds like you got it workin perfect if your babies are swimming.

    So yeah, next tank would either be a c. american style, or southeast asian style, see if I could get black or red arowana or something.
  23. man, i miss my last green terror. He was possibly the most beautiful fish I had ever had. Developed a big hump on his forehead, and his fin edges turned daaaarrrrkkk rich orange. Really a stunning specimen.
  24. damn, sounds like a nice lookin fish.

    update - as of today there is 8. the parents porked a bunch down one night (about 50) and there were about 25 left. then that day at school they ate about 15 more. im down to i think 8-10. oh well, next batch ill do on my own. with a bare bottom tank. the 3 times daily feeding is making a huge mess

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