Ran Sebring 500 race w Corvette Daytona Prototype

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  1. Was a very tough race at Sebring w my Corvette Daytona Prototype. Had the Ginetta & Ligier as competition. Race started and 5 laps in There was a TORRENTIAL downpour.
    I've never driven Sebring in that kind of rain. Lucky I saw the slippery flag on back straight so I braked down to about 60 mph for turn 17 where I ran into a lake and started hydroplaning towards the wall. Lucky I was able to save it and ther was water everywhere. I was slipping & sliding like mad.
    On straight going into hotel I saw slippery flag again & slowed but not enough so I hydroplaned again but this time I spun backwards and 3 ft off the wall doing like 40 praying the car wouldn't hit the wall.
    Finally I stopped, car just kissed the wall.
    Then 4 more cars went flying past me on the grass out of control, lucky I didnt get hit. I decided to get the hell out of there. So I spun her onto the escape road then went through grass trying not to get stuck. Finally made it back on track, sideways across track. I restarted and went as far as the kink where I picked up pace car & red flag.
    Race was stopped for about an hour. My team mate Alex Popow got in after the break and drove fantastically to end. He had an issue w fuel tank that car would sputter at half tank so he had to come in every 30 min for fuel. I was going to get in last hour but looked like rain and he's better than me in rain so I let him take it.
    We won in crazy conditions.
    Sunday I won 2nd 30 min Sprint race by 20 sec, 3rd race it w rained again so I took it easy & took 2nd in class, last race I took the lead the. My transmission started to not shift, finally got her to shift by double clutching and was able to hold onto 1st in Class , 3rd overall.

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