random pics from NHRA 11 12 2010

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  1. I apologize for the poor quality pics.
  2. before anyone comes in and bashes you for being a redneck, I will support going to an NHRA race 10000%. Theyre so fUcking awesome.

    Dont knock it unless youve been. Standing a few feet from 8000 hp in the pits is just nuts.
  3. There's a guy in NZ who is running a RB30DET rail that runs like high 6's

    Pretty nuts
  4. Thanks for the support. I think I was trying to tell you guys this 4 or 5 years ago. lol.
  5. I went to the dallas NHRA races quite a few times as a kid. Theyre so #$%#ing awesome. If you dont have your nose high in the air the crowd is also hilarious, because theyre a couple steps below nascar fans on the classiness scale. Mulletfest to the extreme.
  6. Sweet, I have always wanted to go to one of these. Also, you're lucky you weren't killed by a loose wheel.
  7. why do you say this?.. This is probably the 8th time ive been to NHRA top fuel/funny car drag racing event, and havent ever seen something like that.

    I was lucky enough to get a top fuel serpentine belt from one of the runs. The belt just snapped and shot up in the air and landed near where I was spectating. I waved down, then asked one of the officials if I could keep it. He gave it to me.
  8. Lol yeah, lots of rednecks. I like the crowd, but a lot of mexicans are starting to increase in the crowd in Pomona(where this event took place which is starting to ruin it very slowly :-/
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  10. saw a pretty gnarly accident one of the times I went as a kid. Dudes header blew off, launched the body a good 120 feet in the air, carnage, etc. noone injured luckily.
  12. Welcome.
  13. damn thats crazy.. Its the best when they blow superchargers off the engine, and it makes an even louder explosion
  14. I got a sweet top fuel piston sitting on my desk from the winternationals last year. Pamona is the shit.
  15. My family is good friends with Cory McClenathen. I'm so pissed DSR is letting him go.
  16. sorry I havent been paying too much attention to who all the drivers and stuff are lately. What does he drive?
  17. Pomona*

    Me too! I also have a connecting rod and now a supercharger belt and slick. Lol, Im running out of storage room...

    Im gonna slowly build a dragster

  18. Was that at Pomona?
  19. He drives the FRAM Top Fuel Dragster
  20. Yessir

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