random pictures I took part 7

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  1. Omg nice E34!
  2. must upload more
  3. Damn milk ninjas....
  4. It was midnight and we needed food, so we made ninja masks and went shopping. It was hilarious.
  5. The high was 68F yesterday. WTF?
  6. Right now I'm visiting relatives in Missouri and the high temperature yesterday was about 25°F. The low was 0.
  7. Santa Cruz
  8. San Francisco earlier today
  9. Lombard Street looking towards Coit Tower
  10. Golden Gate in the background, my smart friends, and a kickass WWII bunker along Highway 1
  11. I bought a Canon Powershot A520. It's a pretty big improvement from my A40.
  12. My friend just got one of those I think, Its a lot smaller and lighter.
  13. Is that resting on one jack stand and the jack?
  14. two jackstands up front, jack in back. Still retarded in my opinion, you should always have jackstands.
  15. You should straight up murder his ass. It's not like jackstands are anywhere near expensive.

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