random pictures I took part 7

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  1. I cant think of any reason not to.
  2. I went to sunrise this weekend for snowboarding on the icy man made snow.

    And my friends rear rotar from his mr2.
  3. That picture was my inspiration for the above picture I took.
  4. It's pretty retarded the way the is jacked up.
  5. One time during the weigh ins for soem historic racing my friends do, one of the guys with a '66 Mustang was 600 lbs under weight. Turns out the scales got #$%#ed up, but it was still hilarious to see everyone's face at the results.
  6. My car was the heaviest there, followed closely by a 300zx

    I made this at work in my bordom time, it used to be a coathanger.
  7. You work at a dealership right?
  8. Yes, Chapman Dodge.
  9. I went to a bbq. I had my camera on the wrong setting, which explains the pink in the pictures.
  10. It looks like the Miata had a boo boo.
  11. Just a little one, rolled over three times.
  12. I noticed I have a tailight out. It's probably a bad connection.
  13. I have a tail light out, I need to get a new bulb.
  14. cleaned my engine bay
  15. Cleaned the outside of my car, so did my friend.
  16. smaller, edited versions.

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