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  1. New thread, dont post any more pictures in the old one.
  2. My 17 year old brother just bought a 96 850R, it'll be up here in MN on the 26th I think. I'll take some pics of it with my dad's 850R, my brother's 960 and my 240.

    He is a lucky son of a #%[email protected] Only $1500 for it.
  3. People get literally impaled by steering columns pretty often, that thing would scare me.
  4. $1500 is a steal.
  5. Which picture are you talking about?
  6. Steering wheel on the last batch.
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  8. If anything, the steering rack being partially held on by zip-ties would be a little more dangerous.
  9. 850R's are awesome. I want one.
  10. Its a shame they're only fwd.
  11. I think people have stopped looking/posting in here.
  12. my car. The engine only has around 36,000 kms.
  13. crappy trackday action because of fence in the way.

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