Random pictures I took part 9

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  1. I'll start with pictures from my vacation
  2. continued
  3. poast pic of what's inside the Gibson box
  4. I will, eventually.
  5. and here it is.
  6. that is so sexy. also +1 for Free Lado tshirt
  7. Its my dads, there's no way I could afford it. I think it cost more than what I paid for my nissan.

    Also, the free lado shirt has faded in the wash, it makes me sad.
  8. what model LP is it?

    where did you get the shirt from?
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  10. A couple weeks ago we parted out an 850.
  11. I started taking apart my nissan engine.
  12. what's with teh A048's?
  13. they came off my dads lotus. I'm going to try to sell them.
  14. what does he have on it now>
  15. Same thing but new. These were at the wear bars and he was about to make a 1000 mile road trip, so it was good to replace them.
  16. party + more nissan progress
  17. I pressure washed it.
  18. holy shit @ truck
  19. It was so big, I just had to take a picture. That sentence sounds wrong.
  20. it's taller than it is wide

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