Rank in society

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  1. who do you consider to have the highest rank in your society/ country

    Is it the wealthiest
    Or those wielding the most power or knowledge
    Someone else?
  2. Yes.
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  3. Illuminati.
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  4. New bugatti
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  5. golden potty
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  6. Shito Karate
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  7. Jeff Goldblum.
  8. The one who is 1st
  9. Red maserati
  10. bosnegers
  11. Great answers o_O
  12. Great threads o_O
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  13. F├╝hrer obviously
  14. Looking for answers folks
  15. Bling
  16. What do you mean by "highest rank"? If you're talking about a popularity contest, then it's probably some celebrity type. If you're talking about importance, it's probably some smartypants or altruistic billionaire.
  17. Ubermensch
  18. nah wing

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  19. Damn. You're right.
  20. shes the top rank in society

  21. The closest thing to royalty in the United States are the Kennedys.

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