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  1. He's also stupid.
  2. People accused of CONSPIRING in the 9/11 attacks have turned up. How dumb are you?
  3. Because the video had nothing to do with the audio. They were just peiced together to add drama to the clip
  4. Well, in this case it was a justified retaliation, so I think I will say it. Sure, I hate to see anyone harmed, but you can't continually kill people around the World without expecting someone taking exception to it. Live by the sword, die by the sword brother.
  5. So you wouldn't have a problem with carpet bombing the whole of the middle east and killing every man woman and child.
  6. "Alleged calls?" You sick #$%#, AA allowing people to make calls during a flight and physically being able to make a ophone call from an AA plane are two totally separate issues.
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    Well, given that i'm obviously aware of something you aren't, i guess the answer to that is "not as dumb as you." Here's one article of many that show the whereabouts of the alleged hijackers.


    This is a 5 year old article, since then, many more of the alleged hijackers have turned up. Just type "911 hijackers alive" into google, then you won't be as "dumb".
  8. Ideally I would prefer to see everone stop killing everyone period. But given that this altercation was instigated by the u.s. I don't see why the killings of anyone in the Middle East would be justified.
  9. The Middle East was #$%#ed up long before the US even existed, douchebag.
  10. Guy, if the technology wasn't there to make the calls then they never happened. Now, clearly it is you who is missing the point.
  11. Edutainment.
  12. The technology was there. If you can make a cell phone call from inside a steel and concrete building, making one from a relatively thin aluminum can at an altitude of several thousand feet should be easy.
  13. My buddy Sam called me from his Cessna or whatever today.
  14. Yeah, the AA thing was just a regulatory issue.
  15. I don't even know where to start to rebut that comment. First of all, keep your childish name calling to yourself. Second, the existence of the Middle East and the u.s. date back to exactly the same time. I thing you're confusing the existence of the u.s. with the time the white man first inhabited the u.s. How typical. Third, who said anything about the date of origin of the Middle East? What I'm talking about is the u.s. exploitation of Afghanistan during the Afghanistan/Russian war, and the way the u.s. balked on their promises to look after the people of Afghanistan after it did their dirty work for them. I'm talking about the unsolicited cruise missle attacks in Afghanistan that destroyed essential medical supply production. I'm talking about the u.s. invasion of Iraq the first time (which never stopped betweent he second time mind you). I'm talking about the u.s. usage of Mecca as a miltary staging point during its illegal invasion of Iraq, which is a cardinal sin of islam.

    What the hell are you talking about?
  16. The U.S. was founded by Brits. What the hell?
  17. The materials of your surrounding aren't relevant here. What's relevant is that at 30,000 feet you're out of range. It wasn't until after 911 that the necessary transponders were installed in planes.
  18. Today perhaps, back when 911 happened, no way.
  19. Middle East = Region
    US = Country

    Regions date back to the origins of man, especially the middle east, where civilization began thousands of years BCE. The US was not officially recognized until 1776CE. Therefore, the middle East was already in decline LOOOOONG before the US even existed, douchebag.
  20. And? What does that have to do with anything? The land was here long before the white man arived.
  21. Obviously. But what does that have to do with anything?
  22. You're not out of range. The only thing that puts you out of range of radio waves (which travel light years through space) is a physical obstruction, like mountains or trees or the curvature of the Earth. At 30,000 feet there are none of those, douche.
  23. That's irrelevant, unless you want to blame native americans for the middle east's problems, in which case 9/11 was pretty retarded as indians have nothing to do with the wtc.
  24. Again, mind the childish name calling. Why are you even debating this, it has nothing to do with the argument. Is that your angle? To get me off topic? It's not going to work. But since we are off topic, the chunk of land the u.s. is currently sitting on is as old as the chunk of land that any Middle East countries are sitting on; not that that has anything to do with anything we're talking about. Maybe the Middle East had tensions before the u.s. was an official country, that doesn't give the the right to interfere in the region just because it's oil rich.
  25. My point exactly, try to stay on topic.

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