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  1. You brought it up.
  2. Without the US saudis would be sitting on a sand dune with nothing to do, with nothing to sell. We gave the middle east a legitimate reason to produce oil, retard.
  3. learn to quote posts, and you're the one who brought it up, douche.
  4. These forums have been free from your idiocy for a year or so now, why the #$%# are you back?

    That site says that two guys named "Abdulaziz Al Omari" are alive. Well do you think there might be more than two of them? People with the same names have surfaced, claiming that they are the ones the FBI accused of doing the hijackings. So what? Do they think they have unique names? They obviously don't.
  5. The Middle East have been producing petrolem long before the u.s. invaded and started stealing it...."retard".
  6. No, i blame the middle east for the middle east problems. but i blame the u.s. for stealing their oil, and interfering in problems that are none of their business.
  7. The FBI have admitted they have named the wrong people, but have no idea who the correct people were.
  8. Without the US petroleum would be worthless.
  9. Look, it's not my job to educate the ignorant. Watch the movie "Loose Change", then, as I did, do an independant study on the facts within to justify them. Then, if you have any questions, either research them yourself, or come back to me. Until then, you are all ignorant and like I said, it's not my job to educate you.
  10. Yes, we're all wrong, but you're right. Sure.
  11. So what does that have anything to do with your argument? Who are you saying did the hijackings? It was clearly people, and don't say anything about cell phone usage. They DO have radios in the planes, and conversations can be heard through them during the hijackings.
  12. Funny, not enough time has elapsed for you to have watched it...
  13. Well, if i need to spell it out for you, i guess i'm saying that it wasn't who was acused of doing it. Who was it? I don't know, we may never know. If they're alive, which they are, then it wasn't the people acused.
  14. Who cares if it was one terrorist or the next? Clearly you have some underlying assertion that you're just not spelling out. Yeah, people with the same name are alive, but then again, James Bond is in my phone book three times.
  15. People with no true argument always say "do the research yourself."
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  17. So far this video is pretty dumb. A lot of speculation and irrelevent facts.

    They spend time talking about how jets had been directed to other places in the country, leaving us basically indefensible. Reading the first few chapters of the 9/11 Commission report show how irrelevent that is. By the time any information was transferred to the fighter jets, the planes ahd already hit. Not only that, but they were headed in the wrong direction.
  18. And now we have witness reports of people who were able to determine the difference between cargo jets and commercial aircraft when a plane was flying through downtown new york (what kind of view would they have through the buildings?) at 500 mph. Then others said they saw a missile. So now, they have basically discredited both of those witness reports. Quite contradictory, indeed.
  19. Yeah, it really wouldn't have mattered where the jets were. The problem wasn't their availability, but in the inefficient flow of information. Plus, it's not like we'd need hundreds of air superiority fighters to shoot down a couple airliners.
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  21. They're comparing a plane crash into a reinforced building with photos of planes that crashed into the ground, as if the physics are at all comparable. This guy sounds like a high school student who has no scientific knowledge whatsoever.

    "Here's what it looks like when a plane crashes into the ground. It looks nothing like the crash at the Pentagon."

    I'm laughing out loud at the stupidity.
  22. It was oilcompanies from Europe and the US that started drilling for oil in the arab world, them came the 1970' and the arabs demanded contol cover those oils wells, This sparked the famous oil crisis.
  23. And why do they keep showing contradictory witness reports? All that proves is that witnesses don't remember anything.

    Of course, they can come up with like seven other possibilities, each one supported by a single piece of evidence, but contradicted by all the rest. People smelled cordite and knew explosives were used. Other people saw a missile, other people saw a small commuter jet, others saw a commercial airline. Each one of their possible stories contradicts the others. I'm about a third done now and all I realized is that this is another case of stupid conspiracy theorists who first convinced themselves of a conspiracy, and then found every bit of evidence they could muster to try and prove it.
  24. I would'nt say that, even though the US is the biggest oil consumer in the world, the rest of the world needs oil too.
  25. MWB1

    Ok, Let's see now, What you're saying is that:

    1, Those planes could been contolled by radio, Well if that was the case and they did and they sent up planes to take the real planes places, Where are all passengers?

    2, Mobile calls could'nt been made from one plane, If not from where where they made?


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