Rare Mercedes 500 SEC (W126) "SGS Gullwing"

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    Listed for your consideration is my extremely rare 500 SEC
    " GULLWING " Coupe. It was manufactured by the Coach building firm " Styling Garage " (SGS) in Pinneberg, Germany, a Company that manufactured custom built luxury Automobiles to personal specifications for discerning clientele ( Film stars, Industialist, Shieks, famous Athletes, etc. )
    I have owned my Gullwing for 14 years and it has always been garaged here in sunny California, U.S.A. and has only 58,000 original miles. The electric-hydraulic doors are in good working order and all vehicle systems are operational and in working order. The leather interior is excellent, gray w/ white piping and the vehicle has an AMG body package w/ 18 inch Anterra type rims and Custom logo specific floor mats.
    This is a great opportunity to aquire a very rare Automobile that sold for $137,000.00 when new for a fraction of it's original cost. More photos available via e-mail. Asking $20,000.00 US Dollars
  2. retarded wheels but that's hott
  3. disgusting
  4. Budget SLS.
  5. I can smell the cocaine through my monitor.
  6. you can only smell it? inhale a bit harder and you'll feel it
  7. id take it for 20k

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