Re: 0 - 60 in 4.4 seconds.. I DONT THINK SO!

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  1. The stock Z8 goes 0-100km/h in 4.7, so the 0-60mp/h is about 4.5-4.6 I think.<!-- Signature -->
  2. 0 - 60 in 4.4 seconds.. I DONT THINK SO!

    common how can it be 4.4 when the stock Z8 is 4.2.. and this one has a 115 HP upgrade not to mention the aerodynamics so its probebly 3.8 or less<!-- Signature -->
  3. Good point, didn't cross my mind for one second at all. Someone please further explain this besides the fact that traction might've been a factor.
  4. ok.....the Z8 is not 4.2 sec! its 4.9 with 394hp!!! the best it can do if ur good is 4.6sec! not 4.2.. so the 4.4 is just about right..cuz i bet the weight on this car mayb more
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    ok im goin to to confirm that crap rite now..... gimme a sec.......

    hmm... weird.. well umm the bmwusa says:

    "It propels the Z8 from 0 to 60 in well under 5.0 seconds* and allows for awe-inspiring acceleration in any gear

    *Preliminary manifacturer's data"

    well there ya go manifactures data
  6. If you look at most tuners cars on this site you will notice that once bodykits upgraded wheels and others the 0-60b times slow down
  7. correct.and u have to consider the extra weight that slows it down.
    but why is the front spoiler dragging out on the road?
  8. I have to agree that BMWs are the BEST. The Z8s Acceleration 0-62mph (sec) 4.7.

  9. Dont get discuraged it is 4.2 secs. ( a magazine ).
  10. I'm surprised BMW made a very fast Z8. Z8 cars are not too fast, because they only top 155 mph. That's pretty slow for an exotic roadster.
  11. They're electronically limited to 155 MPH.
  12. They're electronically limited to 155 MPH.
  13. this thing must weight a lot more than the original z8 with the body kits alone
  14. this thing must weight a lot more than the original z8 with the body kits alone
  15. I think that 4.4 seconds for this car is cool for this car; it's reasonable...
  16. the M6 is on it's way.
    they say it'll be 500hp.if that's true,it's gonna be a hell of a car.
  17. firstly y would bodykits make a lot of difference to weight- they're made out of plastic, not lead. and a body kit, contrary to popular belief, does not increase acceleration, they create more drag - which resists accelaration and reduces top speed, they r there to reduce lift for getting handles as the weight stays on the wheels.
  18. Didn't you know that the Z8 has a limiter in 155mph as all German cars except Porsche and some others.Its topspeed (the normal one),without a limiter, is about 290km/h.If you think that the M5 (tuned a little bit) which has some aerodynamics helps from AcSchnitzer, it's a bit lighter(than the normal edition) and it doesn't have any limiter can reach at about 296km/h!Without any tuning in the engine.Anyway what do you mean "Z8 is very fast" and then you say "Z8 cars are not too fast"??Are you stupid?!

  19. Re:
    0 - 60 in 4.4 seconds.. I DONT THINK SO!

    YOU ALL HAVE TO THINK ABOUT THE STOCK M5 als, the stock m5 pulls a 0-60 of around 4.5 4.6 and the z-8 uses the m5 engine and since it is much lighter than the m5, it prolly pulls a a pretty friggen fast 0-60. Now my neighbor has a Euro Spec z-8 that he got imorted from arabia, and he said that in 5th gear the car toped out @ about 168 IN 5TH!!!!!! so either the specs on this z8 are horribly wrong OR the front spoiler was just a fashion statement cuz they utimatley made a excellent car...bad.
  20. Getting off the topic but it's just great to see another legend having their say from little old TASSIE!
  21. Yeah it should be a little less
  22. I dont know why but i went to a few websites and they say that because the car ahs much more power the cars standard traction control cannot handle the power increase therefore the car spins at pulloff a little more that is why it has a slower pulloff!

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