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  1. so you got pissed off for my miss spell, sorry about that i will go to word type everything and make sure i don't make a god damn spelling mistake no more.
    second you better be a gt40 nuts or i don't know what to say, what info do you have on this car, just let me know, becuase the spoiler discussion is for this car i don't care about the enzo or other race cars.
    and this car is not the same gt40, we can't compare them, correct me if i am wrong but the new gt40 is bigger in every dimension than the original, and that makes huge difference, the other reason for the spoiler argument is ford is restricting this car to 180 or so mph because the back end lifting up, thats what i have heard and thats what others have said, now do you understand my discussion for the spoiler.
    i am hopeing yes.
  2. For all of you Dodge fans out there, you're all losers. The GT-40 would destroy the stupid Viper. Just like the '68 GT would kill, a brand new, 2003 Dodge Concept Viper GTS-R.
  3. I don't know...Dodge Viper I guess.
  4. I don't know...Dodge Viper I guess.
  5. Holy Cow one day i come and check this topic and it's at 80 replys. and the next day it's at 100.

    hey for those of you who get Motor Trend this months cover is of a Z06 and a Viper ready to slam on the gas. it looks pretty good
  6. hey everyone times are here for the Viper!
    0-60 4.12
    0-100 9.54
    0-100-0 13.64
    1/4 mile 12.37 @ 117.21
    60-0 104ft
    100-0 296ft
    600ft slalom 67.2mph
    weight F/R 48/52
    over all weight 3380lbs

    well there you go!
  7. those times don't sound to right. i mean 500hp and is not a high 3sec car, and the quarter miles is even worse its not even in the low, low 12s. where did you get this numbers and was there more than one source, because the viper better be faster or we have just wasted time on a pointless argument with 106 responds.
  8. go ask Motor Trend i got the info from the "Vette vs. Viper" story in there latest mag
  9. oh yeah and i double check everything. but in the test the Z06 got a 0-60 time of 4.6 far from the 4.07 that they had before
  10. news from Motor Trend on the GT (it's not going to be called the GT40 just GT)

    2004 Ford GT Price, Roughly
    October 16, 2002

    Winning the 1966 24-Hours at Le Mans in 1-2-3 fashion: priceless. Beating Enzo Ferrari at his own game: priceless. Driving home in a new Ford GT in 2004: about six figures.
    Ford announced to dealers the first details about the upcoming production version of its award-winning GT40. The first: the new, limited-production supercar from Ford will carry the name of the 1960s racer that made automotive history, the Ford GT.

    "More than 35 years after that famous Le Mans victory we're proud to announce that Ford's new supercar will carry the same name as the legendary Ford GT racecar," says Steve Lyons, president of Ford Division. "And we're putting customers first, so dealers who have won recognition for customer satisfaction will guarantee themselves one of these dream cars."

    Ford announced it would build a production version of its GT40 concept car just 45 days after the car won unprecedented public and critical acclaim at 2002 North American International Auto Show. Since that time, dealers have been deluged with inquiries from interested customers asking, "how much, how many, and how soon?"

    "When we announced our plans to produce the car, we asked people to be patient about the details, but frankly, no one listened," says Lyons. "There's just too much excitement surrounding this car. And the speculation on price and volume has been wild. That's why we wanted to communicate some of the details now." While the final MSRP won't be released until just before the car goes on sale, Lyons told dealers that early guesses of $250,000 are way off. According to Lyons, the MSRP will "substantially less than $150,000," which, he explains, will make it substantially less than its nearest supercar competitor the Ferrari 360 Modena. Word around Detroit has been about $125,000. For now, this ballpark is as close as Ford will commit to.

    Ford also announced officially that only three GT cars would be produced in 2003 to promote the product and help celebrate Ford Motor Company's 100th Anniversary. The three cars are symbolic of Ford's miraculous 1-2-3 victory in the 1966 24-hours of Le Mans. Regular, limited-production of about 1000 cars annually begins in 2004.

  11. what was the temp/elevation? c/d got a 3.9 in 100°F. could have just been bad drivers.
  12. is that time for the Z06 or Viper?
  13. Hey look I'm at 700 post!
  14. hey good for you! but that has nothing to do with what we're talking about.
  15. that was the viper.
  16. well that's not too bad... i guess. i just wonder if anyone can get a better time for it.
  17. yah i read 3.9sec, i am in some ways disapointed, but in other ways its still a great improvement, and good step for the viper to still keep its heritage.
    the reason i am sad is how will the gt40 do in those numbers, with all the hipe going around 3.7 sec or so 0/60.
  18. for the price, the ford SHOULD be faster than the viper, as the viper should be faster than the vette. otherwise, it's just kind of there, existing between the faster viper and the much more refined ferrari 360.
  19. ok here are the times from Car and Driver

    0-60 3.9
    0-100 8.5
    0-150 22.4
    1/4 mile 12.1 sec @ 121mph
    skid pad 1.00g

    sorry i didn't get those numbers on here sooner but i just got the mag. on the 29th
  20. and IMO those numbers still.... well..... SUCK! i mean you'd think it would do better then a 415hp 911 Turbo!
  21. I don't think that, IMO those are great times and dhouldn't be any faster than that because then the Viper would be out of class.
  22. what do you mean by that?! are you saying that 3.7 is "too good" for a car like this?
  23. No, I'm jus saying that if it goes any faster than that, it won't compete the SRT10 and Z06
  24. Performance-wise
  25. that kinda makes sence but that doesn't matter.

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